Digication Rich Text/Navigation Module Sizing and Text Display Changes - 11/15/2022

Dear Digication Community, 

Digication Rich Text and navigation modules currently expand by default as content is added, unless the module is manually resized by a user. In those cases, if the module is manually sized to be too small to display all the text it contains, the text has been cut off at the module boundaries. In published and submitted versions of work containing such modules, the cut off text remained permanently out of view.

Cut off or hidden text in Rich Text or navigation modules is undesirable in almost all cases. In the coming days, we will be changing the way these modules operate by default.

Once this change is implemented, Rich Text and navigation modules too small to display the text they contain will automatically expand until all contained text is visible. This will apply to both newly-created and existing modules, including those in published and submitted content. In most cases, the change will mean only that previously-hidden text will become visible. In some cases, the expansion of Rich Text and navigation modules may cause changes in page layout resulting from the expanded modules pushing other modules downward.

Rich text and navigation modules that have been manually sized so that they are larger than they need to be to display all the text they contain will remain unchanged.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our community by either the current default behavior or the upcoming change! As always, we genuinely appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication


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