Editing the Header Section

Header sections can be modified in the same way as other ePortfolio sections. The only difference is that the same header section appears in all the pages of an ePortfolio. Editing the header section in one page changes the section in all pages.

The header section contains the Navigation Menu, a set of links to the other pages in an ePortfolio. Navigation Menu content can be modified by adding and managing pages.It can also be styled and resized.

Editing the Header

Unlock the header section by hovering the mouse over it and clicking “Unlock” (1).

The header section's 'unlock' button.

Click "Settings" (2)

The header section's 'settings' button.

Customize the header’s settings using the “Section Settings” (3) options.

The header section's settings.

Please see the articles in "Style and Customization" for more information about customizing section style.

Styling the Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu has styling options separate from those of the header section.

After unlocking the header section, hover the mouse over the Navigation Menu and click “Settings” (1).

The navigation menu's settings button.

Customize the Navigation Menu’s style using the “Section Settings” (2) options.

The navigation menu's 'section settings'

Resizing the Navigation Menu

Unlock the header section following the instructions under "Editing the Header,” above.

Resizing the Navigation Menu Manually

Hover the mouse over one of the Navigation Menu’s edges until the cursor appears as an arrow pair (1).

The navigation menu, with the mouse pointer positioned at the bottom edge and showing as an arrow pair

Click and drag to resize the Navigation Menu to the desired size (see below).

An animation showing the cursor dragging the bottom edge of the navigation menu downward, resizing it.

NOTE: Navigation sections sized too small to show all of the text they contain will be automatically resized so that they are large enough to display their contained text.

Resize the Navigation Menu Automatically

Automatically resizing the Navigation Menu expands or reduces it to make the text it contains visible.

Hover the mouse over the Navigation Menu’s bottom edge until “Auto Resize” appears (2).

The auto resize button at the bottom of the navigation menu

Click "Auto Resize."

Adding Content to the Header Section

Unlock the header section using the instructions above in "Editing the Header,” above.

Click “Add Content” (1).

The 'add content' button

After your content has been placed, navigating to any of your ePortfolio pages will display your content from the Header section.

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