Create a Template

  • Open or create the ePortfolio you want to serve as the basis for the template.

Please see “Build Templates with Prompt Modules, Instructions Sections, and Prompts” for information about useful template-building tools.

  • Click “Portfolio Actions” (1), then “Add as Template” (2).


Set Template Settings

Specify how your template appears and who can use the template to build ePortfolios.

Set Template Information

  • Click “Choose Thumbnail” to select a thumbnail for the template (1).
  • Enter a template title (required), add a description (optional), customize the URL (optional), and select a license (optional) (2).


Set Who Can See the Template

  • Click the arrow (1) to set template permissions.
  • Select “Private” or “Private within [your school]” (2).
    • Private allows viewing only by you, your institution’s Digication Administrators, and any individuals, courses or groups with which you share the template.
    • Private within [your school] allows viewing by all logged-in faculty and students at your institution.
      • NOTE: Templates set to “Private within [your school]” must be approved by one of your school’s Digication Administrators before it becomes available to all users.


  • Make the template visible to additional individuals, courses, or groups by searching for them by name, email address, or ID number (3).
  • Click on the name of the individual, group, or course in the search results (4).

template settings, with numerical guides marking the following: 3, the search box for entering permissions for additional individuals, groups, or courses; 4, a search result

  • Set whether those with whom the template has been shared will be notified (5), and, if so, customize the notification text (optional) (6).


Set Recommended Sharing Settings For Users Of This Template (optional)

  • Recommended Sharing Settings for Users of this Template include permission, sharing, and other settings recommended for ePortfolios created using the template.
  • They appear as recommended settings the first time users share ePortfolios created from the template.

Note that these are suggestions only. ePortfolio creators will be able to accept or reject them in setting up their ePortfolio permissions and sharing.

  • Toggle on “The following settings will be recommended to any users using this template” (1) to customize settings recommendations.
  • Specify recommendations for permissions, sharing, whether the created ePortfolio should be password protected (2) (4), and whether it should appear in the school-wide directory and the user’s profile (3).

    • If a user selects "Private within [their school]" as their template permission, they will be shown the password option "Require password for logged-in viewers". 
    • If a user selects "Public" as their template permission, they will be shown the password option "Require password for public viewers".
    • Specific users or groups who have been given permission to access the template will not need to enter the password in order to access the template.



  • Toggle on “Prompt user to choose a course for sharing” (5) to strongly encourage users to share their ePortfolios with a course when specifying sharing settings.

EXAMPLE: This recommended setting could be used for an Academic Advising template with which students will create ePortfolios to be shared with their specific advising cohorts.

  • Set whether the template is intended to help users create private content (6).


Save Template

  • Click “Save” (1).


  • The template will be created and will open (2). You will be able to edit it further or use it to create an ePortfolio.

an opened newly-created template

  • Please note the following about template creation:
    • A template will not be created until “Save” is clicked.
    • When a template is created, the ePortfolio from which it was created is removed.
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