Find users through the people page

Version: Kora Courses, November 02, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

  • The People page allows you to quickly and easily find users in your system and view their information.  It can be accessed through the side navigation menu by clicking the People icon (1).

  • By default, the People page displays ten users. Clicking Show more (2) will display an additional ten users.

  • User information is sorted into six columns (3):  Last Name, First Name, Email, Website, Major and Year.  Each category is searchable, using the search field at the top of the column (4).  
  • Users can be filtered by course, using the Select a course dropdown (5).

  • A list of available courses is displayed for selection (6).

  • Selecting a user from the Directory will bring you to their User Profile, which includes the information displayed on the People page, the user’s profile image (7), and any ePortfolios the user has shared with you (8).  

For more information on updating the profile image and account information, please see the following article:  Updating account information


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