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Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

  • Courses in Digication Kora are created by faculty members and administrators.
  • Faculty members or administrators can add students to a course.
  • Students can access courses through the dashboard and “Courses” under the global navigation menu.
  1. When you log into Digication Kora, you see the dashboard (1).


  1. In the dashboard’s “My courses and groups” section, you can search for courses by name or keyword (2).
  2. Click to open a course (3).
  3. You can view current (4), archived (5), or future (6) courses.

The 'My courses and groups' section of the dashboard, with numerical guides marking the following: 2, course search box; 3, a course; 4, current; 5, archived; 6, future

    • Current courses are the ones you're presently taking.
    • Archived courses are courses that have ended.
    • Future courses are courses that will begin on a future date.
  1. Hover over “Faculty” (7) to find details about course faculty member(s).
  2. Hover over Info (8) to get more information about the course such as course name, course number, and course start and end date.
  3. Up to six courses will be shown here. To see additional courses, click “Show more” (9).

The 'My courses and groups' section of the dashboard, with several courses shown; numerical guides mark the following: 7, faculty; 8, info; 9, 'show more'

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