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Version: Kora Courses, November 02, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

Settings for Rich Text and Table modules, as well as Sections, contain a selection of style properties, giving users access to a high degree of customization in their ePortfolios. Advanced Customization options allow users to assign styles based on content type, allowing for multiple styles to exist in a single module.  When used with the Apply styles feature, style properties make it easy to apply a custom style to an entire ePortfolio.

Rich text module

  • The style options under the “TEXT” heading function are the same as the Customize Style options in the Module Settings panel, changing the style of paragraph text (1) in the Rich Text module.


  • Module Settings panel includes  an “Advanced Customization” menu, where style options can be applied independently to the following types of content, which are created using the corresponding buttons in the Rich Text toolbar, shown above

Paragraph (1)


      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Color
      • Alignment
      • Padding

Bullet & number list (3)

Bullet list

      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Color
      • Alignment
      • Padding
      • Bullet style:
        • Disc
        • Circle
        • Square

Number list

      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Color
      • Alignment
      • Padding
      • Number style:
        • Decimal (default)
        • Decimal Leading-Zero
        • Lower Alpha
        • Lower Greek
        • Lower Roman

Link (4)

      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Color
      • Alignment
      • Padding
      • Hover Color (default: #337ab7)

Underline Links (default: off)

Equation (5)

      • Font size
      • Font color
      • Padding
      • Border color
      • Background color

Quote (6)

      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Color
      • Alignment
      • Padding
      • Quote Style:
        • Quote Bar
        • Double Quotation Marks " “
        • Chat Bubble


  • Together, the Text (1) and Advanced Customization (2) style menus can be used to create multiple styles within a single module.


Table module

In addition to the standard Text style properties, the Table Module includes the following style properties:

      • Cell Color
      • Cell Hover Color
      • Cell Opacity
      • Cell Padding
      • Border Thickness
      • Border Color
  • Additionally, the Text properties and Cell properties of the table’s top and bottom rows can be styled independently using the Advanced Customization (1) menu.



Section Settings provides separate style options for the Top Layer and Bottom Layer Background.  The Top Layer consists of the central content area of the section, containing all of the section’s modules. 

  • For the Top Layer Background, users are given a choice of selecting a background color (1), uploading a background image (2), or both. Unique combinations of background color and image can be created by adjusting opacity (3).  As always, users can select a Fixed position for their image or can select Repeat (4).


  • The Bottom Layer Background (5) spans the entire width of the page.  The settings contain the same options as Top Layer, with the exception of Image Opacity.


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