Adjust opacity of sections and modules

Backgrounds applied to modules or content sections can have their opacity adjusted to help stylize and define the content.

To adjust module background opacity, select the module and click the Settings button (1).


In the Style Menu, scroll down to find the Background section


To adjust the opacity of your background color, click the opacity number (2) and then drag the slider to lower or raise the opacity of your background color.


Follow the same steps in the Background Image section of your module settings to adjust the opacity of a background image in your module.


To adjust content section background opacity. select your section and click the settings button for your section (3) on the right side of your ePortfolio. Then after selecting an image or color from the Color Picker from the menu on the left, you can adjust the Background Opacity (4) to meet your stylistic needs.  


Please note, an image or background color can be applied to either the top-level or bottom-level background of the section.  For additional information about sections, please see the following article:

Customizing the background color or image of modules and sections

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