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Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

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Relative links provide the ideal solution for linking between pages within an ePortfolio or template. 

  • For links within an ePortfolio, relative links (1) simplify the process by allowing you to simply enter the name of the page (2) to which you wish to create a link.  

  • When creating templates, relative links provide a way to create durable links between pages that will be functional in any ePortfolios created from the template.
  • To begin, go to the page that will serve as the target for your link and copy the page title portion of the URL.  This will be the portion that immediately follows (3).

  • Next, go to the page where you will create the link and click Edit for the Rich-Text module that will contain your link (4).

  • Highlight the text that will serve as the hyperlink (5), and then click the hyperlink button on the Rich-Text toolbar (6).

  • Now, enter the page title that you copied from the URL into the provided field (7).  Because this is an internal link, it is recommended that you turn off the toggle for “Open in New Window” (8).  When you are finished, click the checkmark button (9).

Now, the highlighted text will link to the “Courses” page in this ePortfolio.  If the ePortfolio is saved as a template, then users who use it to create their own ePortfolios will find that their own instance of the link will link internally to their own “Courses” page.  This is because we used a relative link, consisting of only the page title, rather than the entire URL of the “Courses” page.

Limitations of relative links:

  • Relative links in a template may not function properly when the template is added to an existing ePortfolio, as this can result in multiple pages with the same title.
  • Relative links can’t be used with the “Make Images Clickable” feature.
  • If the URL of the target page is manually changed, the relative link will be broken.
  • If an ePortfolio containing relative links is submitted to an assignment, the relative links will not function properly in the archived version of the ePortfolio.


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