Update or delete a template

Version: Kora Courses, April 15, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  • Using the filter in the "My Works" section, you can choose to display templates (1) created for both assignments and general use.
  1. Click on the template from “My Works” (2) or “My Assignments and Activities” (3).

The Digication dashboard's 'My works' section, with the filter panel open; numerical guides mark the following: 1, the 'templates' check box in the filter; 2, a template  


  1. Click “Edit” (4).

A Digication template, with a numerical guide, 4, marking the 'edit' button

  1. Update the template content.
  2. Publish the updated content to make it available to users creating works using the template.


  • To apply any changes made to the template, you must publish the changes.
  • Template changes will only apply to newly created works.
  • Existing works created with the previously published template will not be affected.

Update Template settings or Share settings

  1. Click “Share” (1), then “Template settings” or “Share settings” (2).

A Digication template opened for editing. Numerical guides mark the following: 1, the 'share' button; 2, the 'template settings' and 'share settings' buttons

Delete a template

  1. Click “Portfolio actions” (1), then “Delete” (2).

A Digication template opened for editing. Numerical guides mark the following: 1, the 'portfolio actions menu' button; 2, 'delete'

  1. Confirm deletion (3) then click “Yes, delete it” (4).


Please be aware this action CAN NOT be undone.

A deletion confirmation; numerical guides mark the following; 3, the space where 'delete template' must be entered'; 4, the 'yes, delete it' button

  1. A message will confirm the successful deletion of the template (5).

The template deletion confirmation screen.

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