Customize template sharing notifications

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  • You can notify people given access to a template.

NOTE: Each user may adjust their Notification Settings, including the ability to turn off all notifications.

Customize the notification of a template

  1. Click “Share” (1) and then “Template settings” (2).

An open Digication template, with numerical guides marking at the following: 1: 'The 'share' button; 2, 'template settings'

  1. Click “Edit settings” (3).

A template with an open 'share' panel; a numerical guide, 3, marks 'edit settings'

  1. Grant access to other users or groups (4).
  2. Toggle on “Notify all users listed above” (5) and enter notification text to customize the notification (optional) (6).
  3. Click “Save” (7).

A template with the 'share' with editable settings; numerical guides mark the following: 4, people or groups with which the template has been shared; 5, the 'notify all users listed above' toggle; 6, the template notification message; 7, 'save'

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