The ePortfolios option in the Administration menu allows admins to see statistics related to ePortfolios, choose which ePortfolios get featured on the login page for their system, create templates, feature templates, feature themes, create categories, and suggested tabs.

ePortfolios Statistics

Featured ePortfolios

"Featured ePortfolios" allows you to select up to 7 ePortfolios to appear in the user directory to direct traffic to them and showcase examples of outstanding work.

Adding Featured ePortfolios

Clicking on the "Edit" button brings you to the page that will allow you to specify which portfolios to use for the featured section. Please take note that since the initial part of the link has already been figured out for you, all you'll need to include is the unique part of the url which begins after the forward slash of digication.com.

Find Your ePortfolios Unique Address

The unique portion of the URL will be between the first forward slash after digication.com, and the second forward slash before the home or welcome page. This is what needs to be pasted in the field to add it as a featured ePortfolio.

Paste the unique portion of the URL into an available field

Once the text portion of the unique eP name is in the empty field, press "Save".

The newly featured ePortfolio will now appear in the "Featured ePortfolios" page

Login Page ePortfolios

Login page e-Portfolios are added in the same exact manner as Featured e-Portfolios. First step is to click on "Edit".

Paste the unique portion of the ePortfolio URL in an available field

Click on the "Save" button then to add the ePortfolio to the login page.


Any ePortfolio can be made into a template by taking the unique URL for the ePortfolio, placing it into the empty field, and clicking the "Add" button.

Featured Templates

Any template you've created can be turned into a "Featured Template" so that users can easily find it upon creating a new ePortfolio. To make the template a featured one, simply place the unique portion of the template's URL into the first available field. A maximum of five templates can be used as featured templates.

Featured Themes

Just as with templates, themes can be featured as well so that they can be found easily when users create a new ePortfolio. 


Categories allow ePortfolios to be grouped by any means outside of a typical course, community, or assessment group structure. They can be easily added and allow for sub-categories as well.

Add New Category Group

Add New Sub-Category Group

Sub-categories of groups are created by clicking on the "+" button next to the initial category and entering the name of your new category sub-group before clicking, "Add New Category Group".

Suggested Tags

Suggested tags appear alongside the tagging fields in the comment and tagging of an ePortfolio when enabled. Suggested tags help to encourage consistent ePortfolio tagging processes for any system.

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