Batch add Digication templates to a course

The "Batch add Digication templates to a course" feature in Kora is deprecated and not applicable to the current version. Although it may still work, please note it's not relevant for use in Kora.

Using the new administration tools, Digication Administrators can batch add New Digication templates to a course.  This is a time saving feature which prevents having to edit the sharing settings of each individual template

To demonstrate, we will be adding multiple templates to an example course, titled Comparative Literature


To begin, you will first need to access the New Administration tools.  To do so, add “/administration” after “.com” in your school’s Digication URL


On the left-hand menu, click Courses (1)


From the Courses page, use the checkboxes to select the course to which you would like to add templates (2).


With your course selected, click the dropdown menu and select Add selected courses to New Digication templates (3).


Batch Add to New Digication Templates

Use the checkboxes (1) to select which templates you would to add to the course, and then click Add (2).


By following these steps, the Faculty and Students of the course are added to the sharing permissions of each template included in the batch add.  You can then access the course and select the ePortfolios tab (3) to view the templates in the list (4).


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