Add users to a system manually

In order to manually add users, you will first need to access our New Administration tools.  To do so, add “/administration” after “.com” in your school’s Digication URL


From the Administration menu, click Users


From the Users menu, click Add User (2)


Under Login Information (3), you will need to enter a Username and Password.  The provided checkboxes allow you to designate the user as a Faculty, Admin, or Alumni (The “Public Publishers” option is no longer in use).  Please make sure the “Active” and “Verified” options are checked or the account will not be active.

In the Personal Information section (4) the user’s name and email address are required.  The ID Number is not required, but can be entered if necessary for the school’s Single Sign On system.  When you have finished filling out the fields, click Save (5) to finalize the user creation.



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