New Digication: Submitting your ePortfolio to an Assignment

ePortfolios can be both a testament to your achievements as well as a direct source of work for your assignments. The guide below will show you how to submit your ePortfolio to an assignment in Digication.

While viewing your ePortfolio in Edit Mode, access the ePortfolio menu(1) and select Submit to Course(2).
Open Tools Menu Screenshot


The Submit ePortfolio overlay will first list your available assignments. Assignments set with a due date by your instructor will list the date while assignments without a due date will show there is 'no deadline'. Select the assignment you wish to submit (3) to advance to the next step.
Select Submit Option Screenshot

Please note: Assignments that only accept a single submission and have already been submitted to or assignments that have not reached or have exceeded the availability date will not be listed.


The next step will allow you to choose which pages you would like to submit to your assignment. Selecting All Pages (4) will select all the pages of your ePortfolio for submission except for pages that you have designated to be Hidden (5).
Select Assignment Screenshot


You also have the flexibility to select single pages to submit to your assignment (6) instead of your entire ePortfolio. If any of the pages you are submitting have unpublished work, you will have the option to Publish & Submit the pages (7) or you can submit the currently published page by selecting Ignore Draft & Submit (8).
Select Pages to Submit Screenshot


After selecting either submission option, you will see a summary of the pages that were archived with a timestamp of the submission. You then have the option to select View Submitted ePortfolio (10) to see the pages that were submitted to your assignment. If you find that you would like to submit a different selection of pages, you can select Undo Submission (9) to rescind your submitted ePortfolio pages.
Submission Confirmation Screenshot


Faculty and Administrators: In New Digication, assignment submissions will be accessed and assessed in the same way they were in Digication Classic. Submitted New Digication ePortfolios are timestamped and archived, just like ePortfolios submitted in Digication Classic. If you have students using both Digication Classic and New Digication, that's no problem! The assignments will accept submissions from Digication Classic and New Digication concurrently.

Click here for more information regarding assignment creation, assignment submissions and assessment from a faculty member or administrator perspective.

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