Submitting your ePortfolio to an Assignment

ePortfolios can be both a testament to your achievements as well as a direct source of work for your assignments. The guide below will show you how to submit your ePortfolio to an assignment in Digication.

Submitting Assignments from within your ePortfolio

While viewing your ePortfolio in Edit Mode, access the ePortfolio menu (1) and select Submit to Assignment (2).


The Submit ePortfolio overlay will first list your available assignments. Assignments set with a due date by your instructor will list the date while assignments without a due date will show there is 'no deadline'. Select the assignment you wish to submit (3) to advance to the next step.

Select Submit Option Screenshot

Please note: Assignments that only accept a single submission and have already been submitted to or assignments that have not reached or have exceeded the availability date will not be listed.

The next step will allow you to choose which pages you would like to submit to your assignment. Selecting All Pages (4) will select all the pages of your ePortfolio for submission, including any Private or Draft pages. 

If a page is Published, you will have the option to submit the Draft version or the Published version (5).


You also have the flexibility to select single pages to submit to your assignment (6) instead of your entire ePortfolio. You can select any pages to submit, including Private or Draft pages. You are not required to publish Draft pages before submitting them.

Once you’ve selected the pages you want to submit, click the blue SUBMIT button (7).


After selecting either option, you will arrive at the submission page, where you will receive the following notification:

Our system is processing your request. This may take a little while. You can close this window, the submission process will continue in the background.

At the top of the submission page (1), a timestamp of the submission is provided, as well as information about the assignment, including start and due date.  The Submission Progress section (2) displays the progress of your submission on a page-by-page basis.


Depending on your Notification Settings, you will receive a Digication Notification when your submission has finished processing.


Each of the pages in the Submission Progress section will be marked Done.  Click View Submission (3) to view the archived version of your ePortfolio which will be visible to your instructor.  If you have made a mistake in your submission, you can click Need to make a change to your assignment? (4) to be taken to our Assignment Submission Troubleshooting article.  If you do not need to make a change to your assignment, no further action is required.


Submitting Assignments from within a Course

You can submit your ePortfolio to an assignment by accessing the assignment within your course. To do so, first access your course and then click the Assignments tab (1). A list of your assignments will be visible.


Click on the Assignment Step to which you would like to submit – in this example it is “Step 1: My Evidence” (2).


You will submit your work in the “Adding Evidence” area.  You can choose to upload a file or files (3), submit from an e-Portfolio (4), or submit a rich text response (5).  Click ePortfolio to see a list of your ePortfolios, then click the dropdown arrow (6) for the ePortfolio you wish to submit and select the page or pages you would like to submit using the blue checkboxes (7).


If you only need to submit pages from one e-Portfolio, click on the Save and submit button at the bottom of the screen (8). You will see a message confirming your submission. If you need to submit pages from more that one e-Portfolio, click Save, do not submit at the bottom of the screen (9). Repeat the submission process from the other e-Portfolio(s).


Deleting a Submission

In some cases, it may be possible to delete your ePortfolio submission and then submit a newer version.  If you mistakenly submit the ePortfolio before you are ready, this will allow you to fix your mistake. Please note that the ability to make changes after submitting depends on the course setup, and many courses will not allow you to do this.

To delete your ePortfolio submission, first login to the course and click on the 'Assignments' tab. In the 'Assignments' tab of the course, click on the evidence step that contains your submission.


Underneath 'Evidence Added,' you will see your submissions. Click 'Delete' next to the submission you wish to delete.


A window will pop up that requires action to confirm the deletion.


When you click OK,' the submission will be removed, and you can submit again when you are ready.


Again, the ability to delete submissions may not be available if your instructor has not enabled it as an option.  If you submit your ePortfolio in error and are unable to delete it, please reach out to your instructor, or to


Faculty and Administrators: In New Digication, assignment submissions will be accessed and assessed in the same way they were in Digication Classic. Submitted New Digication ePortfolios are timestamped and archived, just like ePortfolios submitted in Digication Classic. If you have students using both Digication Classic and New Digication, that's no problem! The assignments will accept submissions from Digication Classic and New Digication concurrently.

Click here for more information regarding assignment creation, assignment submissions and assessment from a faculty member or administrator perspective.

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