Using the Conversations Tool in an ePortfolio

The Conversations tool facilitates collaboration and communication within an ePortfolio.  Students and faculty can create comments, both on the page-level and within text-modules, with the ability to determine viewer permissions for each comment.  Once a comment is added, those with the appropriate permission level can view and reply to it, thus providing a robust tool for collaborating and sharing feedback.

Starting a Conversation

To begin a conversation, click the Conversations button in the lower right corner of the ePortfolio(1).


Then, you can start your conversation for an ePortfolio Page by typing in the Page Conversation window in the upper-right section of your ePortfolio(2), or if you would like to you can select text in a Rich Text Module and start your conversation in the Selection Conversation window(3).


Note: Currently, Conversations are only able to be set to a Page or text selected inside a Rich Text Module. Conversations are not able to be started on the Header section or Rich Text selections on the Header section.

Formatting your Comment

After you type in your comment, you can format how the text displays and who can see it. Just like Rich Text, you can apply text formatting such as Bolding, Italicizing, Underlining, Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Quotes, Equations, and Hyperlinks(1).


You can also set a Permission level on your comment by selecting the checkmark next to the level you want to see your comment(2). For example, if you set the permission level to Editor-Editors, Publishers, and Admins of the ePortfolio will be able to see you comment. You cannot set a Permission level to include Editors and Admins, but exclude Publishers.

If you are going to make multiple comments for the same Permission, you can select Remember this selection(3) to set your current Permission level to be the default for all of your Conversations. Then when you are done, click Send(4) to post your Conversation to the ePortfolio or selection.Conversations are only able to be set to a Page or text selected inside a Rich Text Module.


Note: Once you Send your Conversation to the ePortfolio, you will not be able to go back and change the Permission level of the Conversation. 

Viewing Conversations

While viewing your ePortfolio, click the Conversations button to view Conversation Markers for Conversations started on Rich Text Selections (1). Hovering your cursor over a Conversation Marker will flash the Rich Text Selection for that Conversation (2).


Selecting the Marker will open up the Conversation for you to view (3). The number on a Conversation Marker displays the total number of comments within the Conversation.


If you would like to view your Page Conversations, click the Conversations button on the bottom-right of the ePortfolio, and select a Conversation Marker from the menu to expand the Conversation and its comments(4). Page Conversations will always be displayed in reverse chronological order, the newest Conversations will be listed first. 


Conversations Notifications

When a user comments on your ePortfolio, you will receive a Digication Notification. You will also be notified if you have participated in a Conversation in someone else’s ePortfolio and the thread is updated.


Editing and Deleting Conversations

If you would like to edit any of your comments, hover your cursor over your comment and select the Edit button(1) to reveal the text toolbar for you to edit and format your text. You can save your changes by selecting the Edit button a second time or pressing Return on your keyboard.


If you would like to delete your comment, hover your cursor over your comment and click the Delete button(2). Or, you can delete an entire Conversation with its comments by clicking the Delete button on the Conversation window(3). You will need to confirm your deletion on the next screen to finalize the removal. 


Archived Conversations 

Editing Passages Referenced for Conversations

As you use your ePortfolio, changes will be made and published to update your content as you progress. If changes are made to a passage referenced for a Conversation, the Conversation and all of its comments will remain intact.

The image below shows a Conversation and its referenced passage before changes were published and after changes were published, with the Conversation remaining in place.


Deleting Passages Referenced for Conversations

If you completely remove the passage that is referenced for the Conversation, this will move the Conversation and all of its comments to the Conversation Archive.

The image below shows a Conversation and its referenced passage before the passage was deleted and after the passage was deleted, with the Conversation becoming archived.


Conversations and Edit Mode

Conversations allow you to communicate asynchronously with your general audience in Published mode, and your collaborators in Edit mode. In Edit Mode, any Conversation started on new or existing content will not be present in Published mode until you publish the ePortfolio page again.  Conversations started in Published View that have comments applied in Edit mode will have the comments visible in both Published and Edit mode.

The image below shows a Conversation initiated in Edit Mode and its absence in Published View.



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  • How do you disable conversations if you do not want it available for an ePortfolio?

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  • Hello Richard,

    Thank you for reaching out with your question! At this time, Conversations are not able to be turned off for New Digication ePortfolios, but we are looking into different methods to turn them off including on a page-by-page basis.

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  • Is there a way to change the visibility after the comment is posted? In other words, if it is originally posted so that only an Admin can see it, can the comment later be made visible to viewers?

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  • Art: Per the text above:
    Note: Once you Send your Conversation to the ePortfolio, you will not be able to go back and change the Permission level of the Conversation.

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  • Digication Admins: How can faculty check to see if a student has read their comment? Does the highlight or text look different after a student views the comment from a faculty? I cannot see any difference when viewing comments left for students. Thanks.

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