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Your ePortfolio Settings allow you to control who can view, edit, and publish content on your ePortfolio. You can make your ePortfolio public or limit access by institution, courses, individuals, or password.

Accessing Your ePortfolio Settings
You can access your ePortfolio Settings by opening your ePortfolio menu(1) and select Settings(2).


General Settings
The first section of the ePortfolio Settings are the General Settings where you can change your Directory Thumbnail(1) or customize the Title(2) and URL(3) of your ePortfolio. When you are done making changes to your Settings, click the Save Settings button at the bottom of your screen.

(1) Directory Thumbnail: The Directory Thumbnail is a visual identifier for your ePortfolio when it's listed on places like your Dashboard or your institution's Digication ePortfolio Directory. You can customize your thumbnail by clicking 'Select Image' to access your Library and upload a new image, or you can select an image you uploaded previously. If you want to remove an image, click the (x) in the upper-right corner and the thumbnail will be removed from your ePortfolio.

(2) Title: The Title is the identifying name for your ePortfolio that helps your viewers locate and assume the contents. You can change your ePortfolio Title to anything you want.

(3) URL: Your ePortfolio URL is the unique web address that leads to your ePortfolio. As long as you haven't placed your cursor in the URL field, the URL will automatically adjust to reflect the Title of your ePortfolio. URLs can contain alpha-numeric characters from the US-English keyset including hyphens, underscores, and periods.

Permissions & Sharing
The second section of the ePortfolio Settings are the Permissions & Sharing where you can make adjustments to who can view, access, or edit your ePortfolio. When you are done making changes to your Settings, click the Save Settings button at the bottom of your screen.

(1) ePortfolio Permissions: There are three primary Permission Settings that can be applied to filter who can view your ePortfolio—Private to me, Private within Your School, and Public.

  • Private to me: Only You and Your School Administrators are able to view
    your ePortfolio. This is the default setting for all new ePortfolios.
  • Private within Your School: All Students and Faculty from Your School that are logged into Digication are able to view your ePortfolio from its personalized URL.  If Show in Directory is also selected, users will be able to search for and access your ePortfolio through the ePortfolio Directory.
  • Public: Your ePortfolio can be viewed by individuals outside of your institution. A Public ePortfolio can also be indexed by search engines or viewed from its personalized URL.

(2) Additional Permissions: If you would like to refine your Permissions further for a specific user, group, or course, edit the Permissions under "Also Share with Specific People, Groups or Courses". Here, you can search for users by name, username, or email address.

Or you can search for a course or group by it's title or ID Number. Adding a course or group will generate individual Permission Groups for the Faculty and Students so that you may select different Roles for faculty and students as needed.

Click the arrow next to the Role of the user or course in order to access a dropdown (1), which will let you change the Role. The different roles under Additional Permissions allow you to set specific types of access to individuals or groups.

  • Viewer: This group or individual will be able to view your ePortfolio even if you have the General Permissions set to Private.
  • Editors: Can add and edit content in Edit mode.
  • Publisher: Can add and edit content as well as publish those changes to anyone that can view the ePortfolio.
  • Administrator: Can add, edit and publish content as well as manage the ePortfolio Permissions.


(3) Require password for access: Toggle the slider next to this option to turn on password protection for your ePortfolios that are set as Public or Private within Your School.  You can provide your own custom password or click "Generate a new password" for the system to provide a unique 8-character password made with upper and lower case letters, numbers, or symbols from the US-English character set.
Be aware: All passwords set under ePortfolio Settings will display in visible, plain text on the page.

(4) Show in directory: Toggle the slider next to this option to turn on your ePortfolio's visibility in the school ePortfolio directory. Only ePortfolios set as Public or Private within Your School will have this option available. If your school has set any ePortfolio directory categories, you can also toggle the Directory Categories slider to have your ePortfolio listed under any of the categories provided. A full list of ePortfolio directory categories that are available for you can be viewed by clicking More.

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