New Digication: Publishing Options


ePortfolios are meant to be seen! When you come to a point in your editing where you would like to publish your content and make it available to Viewers, you have the option to publish specific pages in your ePortfolio. We will soon be releasing the option to publish the entire ePortfolio in just was one click.  

To access your publishing options, select the Publish menu at the top of your ePortfolio to produce a drop-down menu.

  • Publish: Publishes the current module of the ePortfolio you are viewing.
  • (Coming soon!) Publish all pages: All pages of your ePortfolio that have unpublished edits will be published to your Viewers. 

When you select your option to publish, you will see a message at the top of your screen letting you know your changes have been published and are now available to your ePortfolio viewers.


We have future plans to allow you to lock specific modules from being published and to submit your New Digication ePortfolio for an assignment. Check our Announcements for more information when it releases!

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