Add Slides to ePortfolio Pages

Slides are used to organize your content within the pages of your ePortfolio. Each page can contain multiple slides, and each slide can contain multiple modules. Modules hold different kinds of content such as text, documents, images and videos.

In the screenshot below you will see two slides on the ePortfolio page. The first slide (1) has a background image with runners. A text module has been added with details about race times. The second slide (2) has a background image with columns, and two modules; a text module with information about a study abroad experience and a media module showing arches. Slides and modules give you many design possibilities in presenting many different kinds of content.



To add a new slide, Click the Add Content Button (1) at the bottom right-hand side of your page.



Next, select 'Slide' (2) to add a new slide to your ePortfolio.


All new slides are automatically added to the bottom your ePortfolio page. Once added, you can customize your new slide style with a background color or image, and personal content added to Rich Text modules or Media modules.


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  • Is it possible to link to specific slides in a New Digication ePortfolio?

    Now that the Section links (left navigation panel) from Digication Classic is going away, more scrolling is required. Sub-page navigation just isn't as easy with the single top-line menu. So I'm wondering if there would be a way users could create links to slides within specific pages. 

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  • Hello Russel,

    Thank you for your question! There isn't yet a method available to link between slides within the same page. At the moment, navigation of the ePortfolio is only accessible through the top menu. However, we have added your suggestion to our feature request list. Thank you again for your feedback!


    Heather Cook

    Customer Support Specialist

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  • Greetings -- I've added a text slide -- -- but the slide cuts off the content toward the bottom. Can I "stretch" the slide somehow so that writing is visible?

    Michael -- DePaul Univ.

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  • Hi Heather,

    Do you have any updates on this feature?  It would be very helpful to allow this type of navigation in the creation of the templates for our students.



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