Adding and Editing Text


To add text to your ePortfolio you will first add a Rich Text module. 

To add a Rich Text module to your ePortfolio, click on the ePortfolio page where you would like to add the module. Note: You will be able to reposition and resize the module as well as customize the format and style of the text later as needed.

Click the blue Add Button (1), at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.


Then select 'Rich Text' (2). 2-textmodule.png


To edit the module, double click inside the module or click on the module and then select the 'Edit' icon that looks like a pencil (3). You can then add your desired text. Text changes are saved automatically. 



Rich Text Toolbar

When you are in Edit mode, a toolbar will appear at the top of your Rich Text module containing a number of tools you can use to format a selection of text. These are identified and described


1. button1.jpg  This dropdown contains options to designate text as either "Paragraph" or "Heading."  Separate styles can be applied to Paragraph and Heading text through the module settings.

2. button2.jpg  This dropdown contains options to turn a selection of text into either a Bulleted List, or a Numbered List.

3. button3.jpg  Bold 

4. button4.jpg  Italic

5. button5.jpg  Underline

6. button6.jpg  Strike Through Text

7. button13.jpg Turn selected text into subscript.

8. button14.jpg Turn selected text into superscript.

9. button7.jpg  Turn selection of text into a quotation.  A quotation can be styled independently of the other module text through the module settings.

10. button8.jpg  Turn selected text into a hyperlink.

11. button9.jpg  Attach file to selected text.  This turns your selected text into a link that opens up your attached file in a new window.

12. button10.jpg  Insert equation into module.

13. button11.jpg  This dropdown contains the Override menu, which allows you to format/style the selected text differently than the style settings chosen through the module settings.

14. button12.jpg  Shows the word-count within the module.

Resizing Module

You can resize your module as well! Place your cursor over any corner or edge of the module, then click and drag the Rich Text box to the desired size. 



You may also use the Auto Resize button located at the bottom center of the Rich Text module to auto resize the text box to fit the text that has been added to the module.





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