New Digication: Adding and Editing Text


To add text to your ePortfolio you will first add a Rich Text module. 

To add a Rich Text module to your ePortfolio, click on the ePortfolio page where you would like to add the module. Note: You will be able to reposition and resize the module as well as customize the format and style of the text later as needed.

Click the blue Add Button (1), at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.

Then select 'Rich Text' (2).



To edit the module, click inside the module and select the 'Edit' icon that looks like a pencil. You can then add your desired text.



You can resize your module as well! Click inside the module, then click and drag the small arrow at the bottom, right hand side of the module.






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    Kate LaBore

    How do I change text color?

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