New Digication: Adding Documents and Media Modules

To add a document or media file to your ePortfolio you can drag and drop a file from your computer directly onto an ePortfolio page. When you drop the file onto the page a Document and Media Module will be created automatically.  

You can optionally add a Documents & Media module to your ePortfolio page first and then add a document or media file to the module. Please review the following to learn how to add document and media modules to your ePortfolio.

To add a Documents and Media module to your ePortfolio, click on the ePortfolio page where you would like to add the module. Note: You will be able to reposition and resize it later as needed.

Click the blue Add Button (1), at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.

Then select 'Documents and Media' (2).


You'll be offered a wide range of options for adding media and files to your module. Click on one of the options or drag and drop a file from your computer (3).

Some of these options you have for adding documents and media include:

Please see the related articles listed above for detailed instructions for each option.

Once the document or media has been added you can reposition and resize the module to control how you would like the content to be displayed. Please review the following articles for instructions on how to move or resize a module.

  • How to Move a Module (coming soon!)
  • How to Resize a Module (coming soon!)



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