New Digication: Creating a new ePortfolio

Creating an ePortfolio within New Digication takes fewer steps than creating an ePortfolio in Digication Classic.

Login to your Digication account, and select the Create ePortfolio button (1) which looks like a green plus sign on your Digication homepage next to My ePortfolios:


Learn more about New Digication features by viewing a Quick video (2) or experience the new features yourself by skipping the introduction (3). At this time you can also opt for this introduction screen to not be shown again (4).


To experience New Digication select the "Use New" button (5)


You will want to give your ePortfolio a recognizable title within the Title field (6). The title, for instance, may include your name and the name of the program, course, or project for which you are creating the ePortfolio. We also recommend that you Choose a Thumbnail (7) that can be seen in the ePortfolio directory at your school as well as other areas in which your ePortfolio is shared within Digication. We recommend selecting an image that best reflects the purpose of the ePortfolio. 


You will now need to Pick a Template from the Library (8). The Library will display any templates that have been shared with you by your school or courses you are enrolled in. Select the template you would like to use to start your new ePortfolio (9).


You now have your own ePortfolio you can personalize to best fit your needs! To learn more about how to add content and customize the styles in your ePortfolio, we recommend reviewing additional help articles found here: 


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