An Introduction to the Digication Library

Dear Community,

As you may have noticed, Digication recently released an exciting new feature called the Digication Library—a digital space where users can create, access, distribute, and share ePortfolio templates. At this time, more detailed documentation is being finalized but we wanted to give the community an introduction to the Digication Library and what it offers.

Accessing the Digication Library and your Templates
The Digication Library can be accessed by clicking the Library button(1) on your Digication user menu or by accessing the Add Content tool(2) and clicking the Template filter(3).

Pictured: The Digication user menu as seen from your ePortfolio


Pictured: The Digication Library

Creating New ePortfolios from a Template
If you would like to create a new ePortfolio from a template, access your Library from the Digication user menu to view a list of all templates available to you. When you have located the template you would like to use, select it and click 'Use This Template'(1)

On the next screen, click 'Create New ePortfolio Based on This Template'(2) to use the selected template to create your new ePortfolio.

New ePortfolio Settings
With the release of the Digication Library, we also have added the ability to password-protect an ePortfolio as well as toggle your ePortfolio's visibility in the school directory, both of which are available only if your ePortfolio is set to Public or Private within Your School.

When the 'Require password for access' toggle(1) is activated, you can set a custom password for your ePortfolio or use the Generate a new password tool to create a random, unique password.

When the 'Show in directory' toggle(2) is activated, your ePortfolio will be visible in your school's directory of ePortfolios. If you have a password set for your ePortfolio, others will be able to see your ePortfolio listed in the directory, but they will not be able to view the contents until they provide the password.

Previously Created Templates
As you may have noticed, ePortfolio templates that were previously created are not being listed as ePortfolios on your Dashboard. We want to let you know that those Templates do still exist in the Library and can still be used as a template. If you would like to create an ePortfolio copy of your template, access your Library from the Digication user menu and follow the steps under 'Creating New ePortfolios from a Template'. This will help guide you through creating an ePortfolio copy of your template that you can make changes to.

We hope this information helps and we greatly appreciate your patience while we work towards finalizing the official Library documentation. In the meantime if you have any questions or would like clarification, don't hesitate to let us know!


Kind regards,
Your Friends at Digication

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