The New Digication Library is Now Available!

We are Proud to Present the New Digication Library!
Digication has been hard at work to provide you with the New Digication Library—an exciting new feature designed to promote dynamic, individualized instruction and active learning within the ePortfolio environment. The Digication Library provides a space where users may create and share templates with individual students and faculty, course and group rosters, or the entire Digication community!

You can access the Library by moving your mouse cursor to the left side of your screen to reveal the user menu and click the Library button(1) or click the add Content button(2) and select the Template filter to view the ePortfolio Templates available to you. Click here to read our Help Desk article about the the New Digication Library!

Templates can be customized with Prompts and Instruction Slides!
During the course of customizing your ePortfolio for a Template, you will be able to utilize multiple tools that can assist you in creating your desired pedagogical structure such as Instruction Slides and Prompts. Instruction Slides allow you create customized instructions within your Template on a slide that is visible only while editing. 
Click here to learn more about Prompts and Instruction Slides!

You can now password protect your ePortfolio and manage its visibility in the Directory!
Along with the release of the Library, we also added the ability to set a custom password on your ePortfolios set with Public or Private within Your Institution permissions. Also, if your school has set any categories for the ePortfolio Directory, you can customize which categories your ePortfolio will be listed under.
Click here to learn more about setting passwords on your ePortfolio and customizing its visibility in the Directory!

Known Issues with the Digication Library
Listed below are the currently confirmed issues with the Digication Library. If you are experiencing an issue not on the list, please let us know!

  • As an Admin of the Template, previewing a Template shows the Published menu instead of the Use This Template button.
  • As an Admin of the Template, clicking Use This Template for a Template in the Library will not work.
  • When you create an ePortfolio from a Template and set a custom title, the title will revet back to the Template default title after saving.
  • After publishing your ePortfolio, your ePortfolio pages will appear blank. If you refresh your browser, the pages will display their content properly.
  • After publishing an ePortfolio created from a Library Template, the Header slide can have multiple navigation headers.
  • Multiple slides can incorrectly share the same slide styles. If this occurs, removing the style for one slide will remove the style for all slides sharing that style.
  • After publishing your ePortfolio, slide and modules styles can fail to be applied.
  • When you toggle the slider for the Published view, you cannot toggle the slider back to Edit Mode without refreshing your browser.

Common Questions About the Digication Library
With the release of the Digication Library, there have been some common questions that we wanted to answer while providing additional resources and information. Click here to view our list of common questions about the Digication Library with links to additional information.

The Library is the culmination of continuous, enthusiastic feedback and collaboration with the students and faculty that utilize the Digication ePortfolio system. Features such as the Library would be impossible without you, so please tell us what you think!


Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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