New Digication Feature Release Timeline Updates - August 01, 2017

Dear Community,

We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer. We would like to provide you with the latest update to the New Digication Features Release Timeline. This update includes an outline of features released, bugs we have resolved, interface changes we have made, as well as upcoming features in development.

We have had the pleasure of speaking to many schools regarding their New Digication implementation strategies for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.  For all of those who have been participating in testing New Digication and beginning pilots on your campuses, we appreciate all the feedback and insightful suggestions you have provided to our team! Please keep sharing your New Digication ePortfolios and achievements with us!


Features & Updates Available Now
We have launched the new Digication Library — an exciting new feature designed to promote dynamic, individualized instruction and active learning within the ePortfolio environment. The Digication Library provides a space where users may create and share templates. These templates may easily be integrated into existing and new ePortfolios, alike. Stay tuned for additional announcements regarding new features and related documentation. Below is a summary of the features now available in New Digication.

  • Library for Accessing and Sharing Templates
    • Administrative option to share and manage system level templates in the Library
    • Supports prompts in modules only shown in edit mode
    • Supports instructional slides only shown in edit mode
    • Supports predefined template permissions that may be customized by end users
  • Copy ePortfolio
  • Conversations
  • Submit ePortfolio
  • Delete ePortfolio Option
  • Table Module
  • ePortfolio Organizer
    • Phase 1: Move modules between slides and move slides within a page
  • Hyperlink option in Text Module
    • Ability to style hyperlinks
  • Improved Image Resizing Options in Modules
  • Option to remove previously selected color from pages, slides and modules
  • Changed ePortfolio settings title, grammar issues
  • Changed ePortfolio sharing custom permissions description
  • Changed background image option from "Parallax" to "Fixed", functionality the same
  • Increased size/icon of page menu item drag handles
  • Changed Add Content module from "Slide Section" to "Slide"
  • Changed "Style Library" icon and thumbnail
  • Changed "Submit" button language
  • Changed default height of page menu
  • Added default background image to new slides
  • Added backgrounds to all styles
  • Added individual background opacity controls
  • Adjusted pre-defined styles
  • Adjusted image display settings
  • Added individual background opacity controls
  • Added option to remove background images
  • Added support of embedded content such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Prezi, etc.
    • Please note if your school has a custom embed it is not yet supported but we are working towards supporting them in the future. A list of supported embeds is available on our help desk.
  • Ability to add New Digication templates at system level (Admin Feature)
  • Additional content type display and content filter by search in Add Content page
  • Updated color scheme of the Add Content page
  • Added pre-select options during submission
  • Added Hide toolbar options from people who can't access them
  • Enabled Browser-level Spell Check


Resolved Bugs
While our team has been busy working on additional features within New Digication, we have also been busy fixing issues and making design adjustments. Thank you to all the incredible New Digication users in our community. We appreciate the feedback and error reports you have provided.

  • Speed issues with page loading, editing background images, text and styles
  • New template navigation should have shorter header
  • Filemanager - Images were slow loading
  • Ensured create slide are ordered consistently
  • Default slides should have a background
  • Error on publish when there's a second slide
  • Editing media file manager popup becomes not-scrollable
  • When opening up the style editor, the style-picker image doesn't show up
  • Module toolbar that was not showing up properly when a module had background color or image
  • Bug that caused text modules to error if there was no content
  • Bug allowing users to click a navigation item marked as a non-clickable "heading"
  • Bug where page menu dropdown wouldn't show if the top-level page was a heading
  • Bug where hidden pages were showing in published mode
  • Hidden pages style adjustments
  • Bug where "show" link was not clickable on modules containing a background element
  • Bug where deleted pages were not actually deleted from page menu
  • Bug where deleted modules showed on the page until next refresh
  • Auto-save sluggishness in page menu while editing menu items
  • Bug where user should be redirected to a different page if they deleted the current page
  • Inconsistent style brush icons in sidebar
  • Bug where Upload window was not scrollable
  • Bug where after hiding page navigation editing tools the show button became inactive
  • Bug where background image opacity slider did not adjust opacity
  • Bug where a sub-page page could not be published if parent page was a heading
  • Bug where media module toolbar was not showing correctly
  • Bug where drop down menus were not showing up in published mode
  • Bug in display where heading pages were not styled properly
  • Bug related to slide ordering where slides displayed out of order
  • Bug where media modules were only clickable on edge
  • Added backgrounds and fonts for default style library
  • Audio file processing stuck
  • Custom styles disappeared when publishing
  • Published slide show different height than in edit mode
  • Scroll bars in text modules on PCs; IE, Chrome, Firefox browsers
  • Link default color should match the sidebar style link default color
  • UI language change (typos, text changes)
  • Better prompt for saving
  • Changes to the navigational hierarchy or name of multiple pages will not be reflected in Published mode until all changed pages are published individually
  • Publishing a subpage no longer forces the parent page to heading status in edit mode
  • "Too many redirects error" issue associated with an ePortfolio that is not Published for the "Viewer"
  • Module resizing button stuck on move
  • Font picker in style editor occasionally shows error
  • Style editor does not collapse when clicking away
  • Text style library disappeared
  • Dropdown menu cut off when the page container height is small
  • When toggling between edit and publish mode, nested pages seem to disappear
  • When submitting don't show "Ignore Draft" if only draft pages were selected
  • Cannot add content to default slide
  • PDF download icon does not appear
  • Option to uncheck 'Hidden' on pages
  • Speed lags in editing navigation resulting in duplicate pages
  • Rich Text module Background and Font Size and other style edits cannot be changed
  • Delete function for pages was not working (temporary occurrence)
  • Assignment submission was not working (temporary occurrence)
  • Sub-Pages were not saving; after “refresh” sub-pages would disassociate from assigned placement
  • Saving changes to navigation required manual closing of the navigation editing page; clicking on save did not close the page automatically
  • Copied ePortfolios lost formatting during editing
  • Vanishing Pages on Publish
  • Library: Slide background styles exist in templates were not showing in ePortfolio
  • Library: Initial published view of an ePortfolio created from a Template had multiple navigation headers.
  • Library: Submitted ePortfolio had duplicated navigation headers
  • Library: On publish, Template content vanished
  • Library: Create from Template, source module was not set properly
  • Library: Create from Template, published modules referenced a draft of Template module
  • Library: Toggle from publish back to edit was not working
  • Library: ePortfolios saved as a system template were not showing under My ePortfolios in Library
  • Library: Create ePortfolio from Templates used the wrong Template
  • Library: Unable to see the “Delete” or “Copy” function as an Admin
  • Library: Adding Template to existing ePortfolio resulted in Template pages assigned to a nonspecific page or sub-page
  • Library: Create from Template had broken reference to draft slides
  • Library: Missing address in Admin email notification
  • Library: Template itself shows as a target ePortfolio for adoption of the Template
  • Library: Improved “Prompts” and “Instructions” explanations
  • Library: Couldn’t select “Other Options” under License Agreement
  • Library: Removed extra 0 in the options menu of Template thumbnails
  • Library: Improved Template filtered view - should not show in user’s Profile Page
  • Library: Editing the URL before entering a title for a new ePortfolio caused the URL to not auto-populate with the title
  • Library: Could not save Template
  • Library: When the left-side panel opened, prompt now shifts to the right so it is centered with the slide; Do not close side panel when editing prompt
  • Library: When Conversations is open, prompt window goes away
  • Library: Added Library Admin Tools: Admin Permissions and Template Display Order
  • Library: Added template to ePortfolio from blue Add Button will add template pages as sibling of working page
  • Library: Prompts now pin to the bottom or top
  • Library: Do not close side panel when editing prompt
  • Library: Adding single page Templates was rearranging slide order
  • Library: During Preview of a Template, clicking on “Use this Template” did nothing
  • Library: Bug - Module labeled as Instructions was showing in Published view
  • Library: Template ePortfolios should not show in Dashboards or Directory
  • Library: Background styles were not being copied from ePortfolio to Template
  • Library: Pages were unable to be reordered, renamed, deleted, or assigned a new URL under Page Settings once the page was created
  • Library: Pressing “ESC” during “Save as Template” process saved Templated with current settings.
  • Library: Text styling could not be changed once any part of the style was set
  • Library: While adding Template directly to ePortfolio, added to a page, or added pages to an ePortfolio right away, page selection screens were skipped
  • Library: Searching email address crashes save Template settings
  • Library: Template approval email sent wrong link and Admin could not approve Template
  • Library: ePortfolios created from Templates have multiple navigation headers
  • Library: ePortfolio icons do not always display properly
  • Library: Admins are unable to delete Templates from the Administration tools
  • Video conversion time taking too long to render
  • Slide and module buttons can become unresponsive
  • New Digication ePortfolio directory icons do not always display properly
  • Ability to create New Digication ePortfolios is intermittent
  • Navigation headers with multiple rows are not displayed properly
  • Slide and module buttons can become unresponsive 

Known Bugs
Below is a list of known bugs we are working resolve as quickly as possible. If you experience an issue you do not see on this list please reach out and let us know at

  • Library: multiple slides can share the same style. Deleting one of the slides can delete style for other slides
  • Library: Styles do not show in published view of an ePortfolio created from a Template
  • Library: ePortfolio created from template displays blank, with multiple navigation headers
  • Edit View does not match Published View on ePortfolio pages
  • Password protected public ePortfolio displaying blank page after login
  • Text editor may cause text inconsistencies while typing content
  • Navigation editor bug: certain ordering of moving and deleting pages can cause a page to disappear
  • Opacity and Text Overlap issues in the Navigation Bar
  • Admin not showing in ePortfolio permissions and therefore can not be changed
  • Empty ePortfolios inaccessible and producing "Too many redirects" errors
  • Rename SkyDrive to OneDrive
  • Font picker in style editor occasionally shows error
  • Errors when attempting to view an archived page submitted via New Digication report
  • Page menu duplication
  • Resize the color swatch displayed in formatting options
  • Module resizing inconsistency; not recognizing click actions
  • Trying to adjust settings of a narrow slide at the bottom of a page causes overlapping icons
  • Settings button on the Header slide can become unresponsive


Overall New Digication Stability
As end users have been testing New Digication and piloting New Digication in courses, some end users and system administrators have reported issues that have, at times, made New Digication feel unstable. Some of these issues have stemmed from system slowness/lagginess, and this resulted in: content not "sticking;" text, module content, and background image updates or changes not saving; as well as inconsistency in the display of templates. We realize that issues like these can be alarming and may have impacted end users first impressions of New Digication. We also know many system administrators and faculty members have been trying to create templates for students to use this upcoming semester, and these issues have made this process difficult. We apologize for these issues and, as always, are working to address them as quickly as possible. Some of these issues are more present in certain browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge currently present problems to end users, and at this time we recommend using an alternate browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


Upcoming Features & Changes
Listed below are soon-to-be released updates to the New Digication ePortfolio platform. All updates are announced to the Digication Administrators via email two weeks prior to their effective date.


Features to be Released in August 2017

  • Accessibility


Features to be Released in Fall 2017

  • Existing Digication modules support group 1 (not including custom modules):
    • Twitter
    • Social Bookmarks
    • Google Form
    • Google Calendar
    • Creative Commons License
    • Credly
  • Image as link (like a button)
  • Download ePortfolio as Zip files
  • Ability for school Admins (potentially users) to Save and Share Styles
  • Users can save a Style and apply it Globally
  • Organizer phase 2: Move modules and pages between ePortfolios
  • Gallery
  • File manager Enhancements
  • Better UI to disconnect 3rd party accounts in file manager (ongoing)
  • File manager image search include URL for creative commons attribution
  • Fallback to "Download the Original Link" if we can't display a file
  • Additional option to Download Original File
  • Contact/Email Form
  • Equation editor
  • Reportable custom modules
  • Download custom module reportable results
  • Enhanced Style Library
  • Conversion from Digication Classic ePortfolios
  • LTI support for New Digication


New Digication ePortfolio Examples
Sharing examples of ePortfolios created in New Digication can be a great way to get faculty and students excited about the new design and customization options. Here are some examples you might like to share with your community.


Interested in Learning More?
You can click here to reserve a time online to join an upcoming webinar about New Digication Feature Overview, Implementation for Administrators, or Training for Faculty!

Support resources to aid with your transition continue to be added to our help desk and will find additional New Digication help documentation as well. We appreciate your patience and support as we make progress on the development of New Digication features. As always, we welcome your feedback, questions and concerns! Contact us at

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