New Digication: Enabling Templates as an Admin

Digication's New Administration Tools provide administrators with the option to manage system level templates utilizing New Digication design and editing tools.

Accessing the New Administration Tools

System level administrators will access the New Administration tools by logging in and entering /administration after in the URL, for example:

Note: We will update the Administration link found at the top of your Digication system later this semester but before that is enabled the direct URL will be the only way to access these new tools. 

Digication will be providing Administrative Training Webinars. Sign-up if you're interested in learning more!

Select the ePortfolio to Add as a Template

Once in the Administrative Tools page, click on Templates (1) and then select New Digication (2).


Now search for the ePortfolio you would like to add as a template by typing the name into the search field (1), click on the name of the ePortfolio and then click on the Add ePortfolio button (2).


Define the Order of ePortfolio Templates & Removing Templates

Your school may create many ePortfolio templates overtime. You can order ePortfolio templates so that they display first for end users creating ePortfolios. You can also remove templates that are no longer needed. Use the move icon (1) to drag and drop the templates into the desired display order. Click on the red x delete button (2) to remove an ePortfolio from the list of templates (the ePortfolio will not be deleted, only removed from the list of templates).


The first ePortfolio will be selected by default and is great spot for a school to add their own custom "Create from Scratch" ePortfolio or widely used ePortfolio template. Scroll down to view additional templates or search for a template by title.



Setting Template Permissions

Just like an ePortfolio, some of the templates you create may be intended for a specific audience. To help with this, you can select the edit icon(1) next to the template to change it's permissions. When you change the permissions of the ePortfolio, the permissions for it's template will also be changed. However, all new ePortfolios made from a template will always be created as private.

Permissions for a template work in a similar manner to permissions on an ePortfolio.

  • Private: Only you and your school Admins are able to view the template. Additional Permissions can be added for specific users or groups.
  • Private within YourSchool: All Students and Faculty from YourSchool will be able to use this template.
  • Public: The same as Private within YourSchool, it will be available to all Students and Faculty from YourSchool. Unlike ePortfolios, this template will only be available within YourSchool. 

Note: Digication also supports the sharing of New Digication templates with courses, assessment groups and system level groups. Templates may also be shared with specific individuals at the school.

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