New Digication: User Experience Improvements - August 7th, 2017

Dear Community,

Recently, several user experience improvements for the New Digication ePortfolio interface have been made available. These changes are designed to make the ePortfolio experience more intuitive and are based off of feedback from the Digication community. The list of changes can be reviewed below:

The Published status of a Page is more apparent
One of the most requested changes was to make it easier to tell in Edit mode if a page has unpublished changes. To help indicate the published status of a page, there will be a banner across the top of a page with unpublished changes along with a button(1) allowing you to publish that page.

Better information about Private pages has been added to the user interface
Private pages are a valuable tool for ePortfolios, but unfortunately, there has been some confusion about how Private pages work. To help bring better information about Private Pages to the user interface, we added a tooltip(2) for when your cursor is placed over the Private option in the Page Settings.

Additionally, there will be a banner(2) across the top of the page indicating that it is set as Private.

Publish This Page has been disabled for Private pages
Since Private pages cannot be published, we disabled the Publish This Page option(4) from the Publish menu to help remind our users that Private pages can only be viewed in Edit Mode.

It is easier to enlarge a module located at the bottom of a page
Previously, it was very difficult to enlarge a module at the bottom of a page and this caused a lot of frustration. To help make resizing easier, we added additional padding to the bottom of all slides. The end result is a smoother experience when resizing modules.

We hope these changes help make creating your next ePortfolio an easier process. We would like to thank everyone for their continued feedback that helped guide the development of these changes. Features like these would be impossible without you, so please tell us what you think!

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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