Template Notifications and Approvals for Administrators

As a Digication Administrator, an email notification will be sent to you at your registered email address anytime a Template is shared with you or saved as Private within Your School.

Templates Saved as Private within Your School
When Templates are saved as Private within Your School by a Student or Faculty, a Digication Administrator will need to approve the Template before it will be visible in the Library to the general users at your school. If an Administrator saves a Template as Private within Your School, the Template will be automatically approved and visible in the Library immediately.

Please Note: When a Template is saved as Private within Your School along with additional sharing permissions, the Template will still need to be approved before it can be used by the general users of your school. However, any of the course, groups or individuals listed under the additional sharing permissions will have immediate access to the Template.

Email Notifications
When a Template is saved as Private within Your School, you will receive an email notification requesting that you review the Template by clicking the View Template button

Next, you will be able to review the Template pages and settings before giving a final approval. You can view the Template settings by accessing the Template menu in the upper-right corner of your screen and selecting Template Settings(2).

You will then be able to review all the Template settings that the creator set to make sure it is shared properly. When you are finished reviewing or adjusting any of the Template settings, select Save Settings(3) to save any changes you have made.

When you are ready to approve the Template, you can click the Approve button(4) at the top of the screen to share the Template with the designated users and make it visible in the Library.

Dismissing Templates Pending Approval
Throughout the semester, students and faculty will create and share templates across courses and your institution. As the Administrator, you will be able to approve or reject any system-wide templates shared with your institution.  To do this, you will need to access the Library. To do so, simply open any of your ePortfolios, and then select the Library icon from the left-side menu.


You will be able to identify any system-wide Templates pending approval by the banner placed over the Template thumbnail (2).  If you want to reject a system-wide Template and not make it available to your institution, you can do so by first clicking the yellow banner.

Once you have located and selected your template, access the Template menu (3) and select Delete (4) from the dropdown menu. After you confirm the deletion of the Template, it will be instantly removed from the Library.

Reviewing Templates in the Administration Tools
In addition to the email notifications, you can also review Templates through the Administration tools.

You can access the Administration tools by logging into your Administrator account and appending "/administration" at the end of your Digication institution URL, for example: http://yourschool.digication.com/administration.

Next, select Templates and then New Digication(2) from the menu on the left side of your screen to view all the New Digication Templates for your system. Then select Templates Pending Admin Approval from the Template Category drop-down menu and click the Filter button(3) to view a list of Templates pending approval from your school.

Selecting any Templates Pending Admin Approval will allow you to review the Template pages and settings as if you accessed the Template from the notification email.




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