Sharing a Template with a Course, Assessment Group, or Community for Faculty and Administrators

As a faculty member or Administrator for your Digication institution, you will be able to create templates to share with individual users, groups, or courses.

When you have finished customizing your ePortfolio, you can save your it as a Template by accessing your ePortfolio menu(1) and selecting "Add as Template"(2) from the menu options. You can do this with any ePortfolio to which you have been granted Editor, Public Publisher, or Admin access. 


You will arrive at the Template Settings where you can customize your Template Info such as the title, URL, description, and the content license. Be sure when naming your Template, you give it a unique and easily identifiable title so other users will be able to locate the Template.

If you are unsure which content license applies to your template, keep the option as "Not specified". When you are finished setting your Template Info, click the Continue button(3) to advance to the next step.


Similar to ePortfolios, you can manage visibility of your Template by setting permissions under Who Can See The TemplateBe aware, permissions set on this screen will only affect who can see this Template in the Library once it has been created.

You can first set your Template general permissions(4) to help determine who can see your Template after it has been saved to the Library. If you would like to share your template with a Course, Assessment Group, or Community, set your general permissions to "Private to me". 


Please Note:
If you set your Template general permissions to "Private within Your School" and set additional sharing permissions for a Course, Group or Community, your Template will be immediately available to the users designated in your additional sharing permissions. However, it will need to be approved by a Digication Administrator before being visible to the general users at Your School. If you shared the Template as a Digication Administrator, your Template will be automatically approved.

Next, you will be able to add additional sharing permissions.  Select Edit (5) to open up the search bar


Using the search field (6), you can search and add users, or Courses, Assessment Groups, or Communities by their Title or ID.


Next, you can customize the notification text that users will receive if they are included in the sharing permissions. When you are finished customizing the notification text, click the Continue button(7) to advance to the next step.


The Template Default Settings are a collection of settings that can be applied to any ePortfolios created from this Template. Toggle the slider next to "Require this template's settings on adopted ePortfolios"(8) to reveal and customize the list of settings that can be applied to ePortfolios created from this Template. When you are finished with the settings under Template Info, Who Can See the Template, and the Template Default Settings, click the Save Settings button(9) to finalize your template settings and save it to the Library.


After your Template has been saved, you will then be brought to your Template Library and see a success message stating that your "New template has been saved"(10).


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