New Digication Development Update - September 15th, 2017

Dear Community,

We wanted to reach out and let you know about the new features that have been released, bugs we have fixed, and recently identified bugs.

New Feature Releases and Changes
Publish Pages
As you make changes across multiple ePortfolio pages, you would normally have to publish each page individually. Now, you can select Publish Pages(1) from your ePortfolio menu to selectively Publish any pages from your ePortfolio.

After selecting Publish Pages from your ePortfolio menu, you will be able to select which pages you would like to Publish. When you are finished with your selection, click Publish(2) to publish your pages.115001112651-04-publish_pages2.png

The Header Slide cannot be set as Instructions
A change has been made to Slides where you cannot set the Header Slide as Instructions for a Template. You can click here to read more about setting slides as Instructions.

New Digication Accessibility
Digication is pleased to report that numerous improvements for Accessibility have been made to areas such as keyboard navigation, voiceover landmarks, modal popups, and color contrast. A more detailed announcement will be made early next week describing the changes that have been made as well as upcoming planned changes to further improve Accessibility.


Resolved Bugs
Emojis saved in Rich Text modules interfere with the ePortfolio publishing process
Before when an ePortfolio was published that had Rich Text modules populated with emojis, the ePortfolio would appear to publish blank pages. This issue has been resolved and now ePortfolios that contain emojis can be published without issue.

Hidden pages Headings listed in the Navigation Header drop-down menus are hard to read
Previously, Hidden pages listed in the Navigation Header could be difficult to read. We have resolved this issue by decreasing the transparency of the drop-down menu items so they are easier to read.

Long Navigation Header drop-down menus are not cut off at the bottom of a slide
If the list of subpages on the Navigation Header extended past the bottom of the last slide on a page, the list would be cut off. We have now resolved this so the full list is always displayed.

Adding a Template to an existing ePortfolio removes existing formatting
When a Template was added to an existing ePortfolio, any style formatting on the ePortfolio was removed. We have resolved this issue so all styles will remain intact when adding Templates to existing ePortfolios.

Newly uploaded images are displayed correctly
Some users experienced an issue where newly uploaded images were not displaying after refreshing the page. We have resolved this issue so newly uploaded images will display correctly.

Publishing after using the Organizer did not publish all changes
After the Organizer was used to move content between slides and publishing your ePortfolio, any content moved with the Organizer went missing. This issue has been resolved by the development team along along with added functionality that when you Publish your ePortfolio, any pages with unsaved changes will be automatically saved and Published.


Known Bugs
Users can incorrectly add New Digication ePortfolios as Templates to a Course
At this time, Courses are not designed to host New Digication Templates. If a New Digication Template is added to the course and a new ePortfolio is created from that Template, you will not see the correct workflow that allows you to create a New Digication ePortfolio.

Users given Administrator permissions to an ePortfolio cannot remove themselves as Administrator
Currently, if you are given Administrator permissions to an ePortfolio, you will not be able to remove your own Administrator permissions from the ePortfolio.

We hope these improvements help make creating your next ePortfolio an easier process. We would like to thank everyone for their continued feedback that helped guide the development of these changes. Changes such as these would be impossible without you, so please tell us what you think!

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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