New Digication Accessibility Update - September 18th, 2017

Dear Digication Community,

Today marks a vital milestone in Digication development, and we are pleased to report that our efforts related to Accessibility compliance is progressing favorably. 

Starting today, the following changes have been enabled:

  • Keyboard accessibility - users can use the tab function and use screen reader keys to navigate between features of the site.
  • ARIA landmarks clearly announce content areas (including main content and navigation areas) for easier screen reader access.
  • Modal popups were added to announce, focus, and tab through content more clearly.
  • Fixed missing attributes, such as alternate text.
  • Fixed default contrast between user interface text and backgrounds.

Additionally, there are a number of accessibility features require some user interface and underlying logic change. These features are announced today, but will be available in the next two weeks:

  • New interface to allow users to add and edit alternate text for media they upload, including subtitles for video.
  • Improved keyboard and screen reader access for tables.
  • Improved conversations screen reader announcements.
  • Improved keyboard interactions when styling elements.
  • Improved keyboard and screen reader focused elements to maintain previous focused item when opening sidebars and modals.
  • Adding Digication specific keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate to commonly used areas, including: jumping to specific menus, conversations, and adding content.

Lastly, our updated VPAT documentation will be announced  once the aforementioned development is complete.

We encourage feedback to ensure the needs of your institution are met, and thank you for your continued collaboration.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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