RESOLVED: Errors reported September 20, 2017

UPDATE: Our engineers have implemented some measures in response to these issues which have greatly decreased the number of errors end-users are seeing at this time. The underlying external problem with the .io nameservers has not yet been resolved by, but our community started receiving far fewer errors as of approximately 12:16pm Eastern time. We will update again when the situation has been completely resolved!

Our community is experiencing an increased number of errors today, September 20, 2017.

We are terribly sorry for the frustration and difficulties being experienced by our community!

The issue we are experiencing is a widespread problem for internet users of domains ending in .io, which are currently returning incorrect results. Unfortunately, many portions of Digication rely on these domains and this is causing an elevated number of errors for our end-users. Users may be seeing 500 errors or content that appears to be missing until the page is refreshed, errors with submissions or discussion posts, or other errors.

While we are not able to resolve the underlying external .io problem, we are monitoring this situation closely and will be implementing measures to mitigate and greatly reduce the number of errors users will experience.

The increased error rate began at approximately 9:16am Eastern time today.

We will update when we have further information or the current situation is considered resolved.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to improve this situation for our end-users!

Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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