New Digication Accessibility Update - September 29th, 2017

Dear Community,

This current semester is the most active Digication has seen with ePortfolios! However, with this increase in traffic, we needed to focus our resources on ensuring system stability which has unfortunately caused a delay in our Accessibility updates. To ensure these issues are thoroughly addressed, we have decided to delay the following updates to October 16th:

  • New interface to allow users to add and edit alternate text for media they upload, including subtitles for video.
  • Improved keyboard and screen reader access for tables.
  • Improved conversations screen reader announcements.
  • Improved keyboard interactions when styling elements.
  • Improved keyboard and screen reader focused elements to maintain previous focused item when opening sidebars and modals.
  • Adding Digication specific keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate to commonly used areas, including: jumping to specific menus, conversations, and adding content.

When these updates are announced, we will also provide our updated VPAT documentation for New Digication ePortfolios.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage any feedback to ensure the needs of your institution are being met. 

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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