New Digication: Hyperlinks in Rich Text Modules

The ability to place hyperlinks in Rich Text modules adds a new layer of content by allowing you to link to websites outside of your ePortfolio. 

Creating a New Hyperlink

To create a hyperlink, select your Rich Text module and click the Edit button(1).Screen_Shot_2017-02-24_at_1.48.58_PM_2.png


Next, type in new text or select an existing portion you wish to turn into a hyperlink(2) and click the Hyperlink button(3) from the Text Format toolbar. You will then see a window to enter in the link you wish to turn into a hyperlink.


Lastly, type or paste in the web address you wish to link to and press Enter on your keyboard to finalize the hyperlink.


Below is an example of a completed Hyperlink in a Rich Text module.



To test out your link, publish your page and preview your ePortfolio in Published mode. By default, all hyperlinks will open in the same browser tab as the ePortfolio.


Editing or Unlinking an Existing Hyperlink

If you would like to change the web address of an existing hyperlink, select the linked text in edit mode(1) and then click the Hyperlink button on the Text Format toolbar(2).



You will then be able to edit the web address for the hyperlink(1) or select the unlink button to remove the hyperlink from the text selection.Screen_Shot_2017-03-01_at_1.46.03_PM_2.png


If the web address you are trying to add as a hyperlink is not a valid format, the hyperlink tool will turn red and not allow you to complete the hyperlink.

Stylizing Your Hyperlink

The default style of a hyperlink changes the text to a blue color and will underline the text when your cursor is placed on the link. The style menu will allow you to change the color of the hyperlink and make the underline persistent. All text within within a Rich Text module, including hyperlinks, will share the same font type and size.

To style your hyperlink, select your Rich Text module and click the Style button(1). Then, select the Edit button on the Style menu(2).



Next, scroll down on the Style menu to the Links area where you can use the color picker under Link Colors to select a default color swatch or enter in a custom color by hex color code(3). You can also toggle the Underline Links option to make all hyperlinks within the Rich Text module have a persistent underline(4).


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