Table Module

New Digication ePortfolios allow you to arrange, display, and style textual or numerical data in formatted cells with the Table module. 

Adding a Table to Your Section

First, select the Add Content button(1) in the lower right corner of your selected section.


On the next screen, locate and select the Table button(2).


You will then see the Table module has been added to your section.


Adding Data, Rows, and Columns to Your Table

You can then add data to your Table by selecting the module and clicking the Edit button(1).


Next, click on individual cells to enter your data(2). Additional rows and columns can be added by selecting the Add Row(3) or Add Column buttons(4).


You can also add rows or columns in between existing rows or columns by right-clicking your mouse on a cell(5), mousing over Add Row or Add Column, and then choosing either Above or Below.



Removing Rows or Columns

Rows or Columns can be removed by right-clicking your mouse on a cell and then selecting either Remove This Row or Remove This Column(1).


Resizing Your Table and Cells

You can adjust the width of your table and the cells by clicking and dragging the lower-right corner of the Table module(1). The width of the cells are auto-adjusted with the size of the table.



Styling Your Table

You can customize your table grid by clicking the Style button(1).


From the Text section of the module settings (2), you can adjust the various properties of the text in your table, including typeface, font-size and padding.  The Table section (3)  allows you to adjust cell padding as well as the color and thickness of the table grid.


Advanced Customization

The Advanced Customization menus allow you to style the top and bottom rows of your table separately from the rows in between.  Scroll to the bottom of the module settings and click the arrow to expand the Advanced Customization (1) section


Expand the Top Row Style and Bottom Row Style menus in order to independently adjust their text and cell properties.


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