New Digication Testing Checklist

Many schools are actively testing New Digication as part of their current or upcoming pilots. We'd like to share the following checklist of features that your community may want to use as a guide in testing. As new features become available we'll update this list so you can try out new and existing features.

If you encounter any problems in testing any of the features listed below, please reach out to our team at

New Digication Testing Guide

Creating a New ePortfolio in New Digication
Are you able to:

  • Access New Digication to create an ePortfolio
  • Add an ePortfolio Name
  • Edit the ePortfolio Web Address
  • Create a new ePortfolio using the template

Adding and Arranging Pages
Clicking in the blank area around the page titles will bring up a menu of icons. Click on the edit icon to edit the page titles and layout. Are you able to:

  • change the name of a page?
  • use “enter” to create a new page?
  • Click on the Add Page button to create a new page?
  • drag and drop the page titles to rearrange them?
  • “nest” the page titles like an outline to change the organization of the ePortfolio?
  • click the “settings” icon to change the page settings (heading, hidden, URL)?
  • save your changes and see them updated on your ePortfolio? 

Adding Content With the Blue “Plus” Button or Drag and Drop”
“Slides” are used to designate content areas and can have their own background image and colors. Are you able you to:

  • add a new slide?
  • change the slide background image/color?
  • Change the content area background image/color and opacity?
  • delete a slide?

Clicking the blue “plus” button will bring up a menu of ways to add content.
Are you able to:

  • Open add content menu?
  • add text?
    • Customize text style (color, font, background color/image, alignment, padding)
    • Create a hyperlink
  • add table?
    • Add rows and columns
    • Customize table style (border color, border thickness, alignment, cell padding)
  • use the photo capture?
  • use the video capture?
  • upload files such as
    • Documents
    • Powerpoints
    • Excel sheets
    • Images
    • Videos
  • upload files by dragging and dropping on to the slide?
  • upload files by connecting to:
    • Google Drive
    • Box
  • Embed media
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Prezi
    • SoundCloud

Page Layout Design
Click on an element such as an image, or area of text. Are you able to:

  • use the move icon to drag the element around and place it elsewhere?
  • adjust the size of the element by clicking and dragging on the small arrow in the bottom right? 

Saving and Publishing
Are you able to:

  • publish a page with new content?
  • edit saved content?
  • switch between edit and publish modes?

Change ePortfolio Settings
Are you able to change settings including:

  • Change title
  • Change web address
  • Change permissions (add Viewers, Editors, Publishers, etc.)

Deleting Content Using the Delete Icon
Are you able to delete content you have added including:

  • text, images, documents, etc?
  • slides?
  • pages?

Admin Features
Go to http://(yourschoolURL) Are you able to:

  • Enable New Digication access for a user
  • Add a New Digication Template
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