Background image display issue December 22, 2022

Dear Digication Community,

On December 22, 2022 we released an update which caused a bug in our system that impacts the way that some ePortfolios' background images are being displayed. Users are seeing an opaque color layer instead of their intended background images. The background images that are not currently displayed have not been lost or changed, they are simply behind the color layer.

Our engineers are working on a resolution for this issue, but due to the nature of the problem and the number of ePortfolios impacted, we expect the full resolution to take up to a few days to complete.

ePortfolios will be fixed automatically once our resolution is complete. If you prefer, you can manually adjust the background color by changing the opacity to 0% and your background images will appear again immediately.

We are so sorry for the frustration and concern caused to our community by this change in the look of the affected ePortfolios!

We will continue to update this announcement with more details about the resolution as they become available.


Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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