LMS feature overview

Version: Kora Courses, March 2023 or later

Permissions required: N/A

Digication’s LMS Integration for Kora Courses (LTI 1.3) will allow you to connect courses in your LMS directly to Kora Courses.

NOTE: Our classic LMS integration will continue to work for Digication classic courses. The Classic LMS integration and Kora LMS integration can work simultaneously and independently between your LMS and Digication.

LTI for Kora Feature Highlight

  • Single sign-on access between your LMS and Digication 
  • Auto-creation of new Digication users (optional)
  • Auto-creation of new Digication courses (optional)
  • LMS to Digication assignment connection
  • Sharing of Kora course templates and ePortfolios with students
  • LMS to Digication course roster sync 
  • Digication to LMS grade sync 

Resource Articles

Please see the LMS Integration Overview section of our helpdesk for additional resource articles. This section includes the following articles for each LMS: 

  • Faculty Overview of LMS integration
  • Advanced features for LMS integration

Options for using LTI for Kora 

Within the same Digication system, you can have courses in Classic or Kora. Classic courses will use our Classic LMS integration. Any Kora Courses will use the new LMS for Kora integration. 

If you are already using our Classic integration in your LMS, you can add the LMS integration for Kora as a second integration, and connect to Kora courses in your system. 

For additional assistance, schedule a meeting with the Digication Integrations team for more information on the Digication Kora courses LMS Integration.

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