Register users in courses with CSV import

Version: Kora Courses, July 23, 2022 or later

Permissions required: Administrator

Registration import

The registration import is used to enroll users in courses and remove users from courses.

In order for the files to process correctly, CSV files for automated imports must use the CSV headers provided in our CSV import templates.

Download a template for the Registration Import

Import and review CSV file

  • To access the CSV imports, go to the Kora administration area and click "import" (1), then Upload. 


  • Once you’ve created your CSV file, import it by either selecting the file or dragging and dropping it into the Registration import area (2).

  • Once the file uploads, the system will automatically display a preview of the initial lines of data (3).

  • During the import process, you can have the option to review and map your columns and headers. The drop-down menu (4) in the first row allows you to select the appropriate headers (5) for each of your columns. 
  • If your header row follows the default naming convention, the system will automatically map all columns. However, if your headers have different names, click on the dropdown menu to view all available column headers. You should confirm that the correct headers are mapped to their respective columns before finishing the import.

  • If there is an issue with any columns in your import file, they will be highlighted in red text (6). To proceed with the import, all highlighted problems must be corrected. The Import button will only be clickable once all issues have been addressed.


Registration import options

  • Click "Import Options" (1) to enable or disable “Overwrite registration data.”


When to enable “Overwrite Registration Data”

  • If your import file consistently includes all current users, and you wish to unenroll users who are no longer present in the import file, it is recommended to enable the “Overwrite registration data”.
  • Enabling this option ensures that users not listed in the import file will be removed from the respective Digication course.
  • You can toggle the “Overwrite registration data” (2) to enable or disable this option in the popup window and click save (3).



  • If “Overwrite registration data” is enabled (4), the Action column is NOT required (5) in your Registration Import CSV.



  • Once your file is ready, click import (6). Your file will be added to the queue for processing, and you will be taken to the Import logs page (7), where you can see the progress (8) of your import file.



Data columns

When enrolling users in a course, the following columns are required:

    • Course Sync ID
    • User Sync ID
    • Faculty
    • Action

Column Title

Column Description


Possible Values

Course Sync ID Unique ID for the course
Example: ENGL3320 
Example: 2023FA_ENGL3320
Yes Any Unicode characters

User Sync ID

The unique, permanent identifier for the user being added or dropped from the course. 

Example: 48562739


Any Unicode characters


Designates the course role for the user. 

If the user is to be enrolled as faculty in the course, enter “1” if the user is a student in the course enter “0" 





This column will determine how Digication processes the data in the import file.

No (if “Overwrite registration data” is enabled)

Yes (if “Overwrite registration data” is disabled)





Unenroll (Ignore if manually added)

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