Digication Development Update -- 2/27/2023

Dear Digication Community,

In keeping with our commitment to providing a minimum of two weeks' notice of any changes to our user interface (UI), we wanted to let you know about improvements that will occur during the week of March 13, 2023. No system downtime will occur when these improvements are implemented. We have also included a list of other improvements and bug fixes implemented.

Organizer Tool

In order to be more consistent with our naming conversion, the “ePortfolio Organizer” will be renamed the “Organizer Tool” (1, 2).

org_ui_announcement_01.png   org_ui_announcement_02.png

Template settings heading change

To provide more clarity, the “Template default settings” heading under “Template settings” will change to “Recommended sharing settings for users of this template” (1, 2).

org_ui_announcement_03.png   org_ui_announcement_04.png

Other improvements and bug fixes

In recent months, we have implemented the following minor improvements and updates:

  • Template sharing notification option
  • Added new fonts from Google fonts library
  • Overall upgraded UI for “Add new content”
  • Ability to share link to the ePortfolio directory with filter options
  • Upgraded image resize to be faster and more informative
  • Corrected heading level and improved formatting for Instructions sections’ “INSTRUCTIONS - Only viewable when editing” header
  • Set “list in ePortfolio directory” toggle to on by default for ePortfolios
  • Updated course search to show newer courses first

A11y/accessibility-related improvements and bug fixes for the following issues:

  • Added ability to open left navigation bar with keyboard
  • Added information needed by screen readers to Digication [D] label
  • Added section name to module label
  • Added screen reader announcements for ePortfolio creation progress
  • Both embedded content and image visible at the same time in media module
  • Added announcement of captions for audio/video/image
  • Corrected button labels in Organizer Tool
  • Added keyboard access for copying from one ePortfolio to another in Organizer Tool
  • Fixed problem with moving module when using JAWS screen reader
  • Fixed problem with JAWS screen reader not reading drop-down label in People Page search by course
  • Added ability to reorder items in image gallery grid view using keyboard
  • Made hover colors show when links accessed via keyboard
  • Exiting from full screen mode would unexpectedly return focus to top of screen
  • PDF files are read unexpectedly without user interaction
  • Added ability to copy/paste pages using keyboard in Organizer Tool
  • Navigation bar obscuring modules in some cases
  • Made "delete template" non-case-sensitive

We have also fixed bugs that were causing the following issues:

  • Session timeout malfunctioning
  • Failing to remember original URL destination (such as a private ePortfolio) after log in
  • Disappearing Conversations
  • Graded status not showing in summary view
  • Module background not showing when Module Name enabled
  • Inability for admins making submissions on behalf of students
  • Sending notifications not working
  • Slow video file processing
  • Course with pending invitations not showing roster
  • Formatting problems in some course pages
  • Problem viewing ePortfolios in Canvas
  • Notification problem following CSV import
  • Thumbnails broken in URL sharing on social media
  • Changes in system EULA not triggering prompt for user agreement
  • Exit full screen button not visible when image viewed in full screen
  • Background image with "fixed" settings not working in Firefox
  • Corrected spelling error in template creation screen
  • Template settings changes not saving
  • Statistics x-axis sorted alphabetically instead of numerically
  • Navigation bar not rendered properly in downloaded ePortfolios
  • Left-side navigation opening unexpectedly after page load in mobile Chrome
  • Password reset was generating email for users with multiple accounts across multiple systems
  • ePortfolio downloading taking a long time
  • Assignment notification link not working properly
  • Notification problems when faculty or admins submit work on students’ behalf
  • “Unexpected error” when trying to submit through course
  • “Add” column too small to be used when adding students/faculty to courses using zoomed-in browser
  • Problem adding subtitles to video
  • Downloads from linked files and display URLs not working
  • Problem with “Add Video” button
  • Typo on ePortfolio creation screen
  • Delete option not appearing in gallery module grid view
  • Gallery displaying improperly on mobile
  • Newly-created admin groups already having users assigned and permissions set
  • Download file link from email notification not working
  • Exit full screen unexpectedly increasing module size
  • Image upload button partially hidden on iPhone
  • Browser detection issue on iPad
  • Template approval notification missing
  • ePortfolio download errors
  • Course search no longer searching course sync IDs when setting ePortfolio permissions
  • Non-working Github Module removed from Library
  • Rubric search function not working
  • Standard selection box too short
  • Drop down panel in user panel not fully visible
  • Template search in “Add new content” not working
  • Problem embedding media in gallery module
  • Uploading more than one file to gallery not working
  • Uploading multiple images at once to new module not working
  • Changing text size in Formula Module deletes module contents
  • Adding template from ePortfolio in LMS results in a page not found error
  • Special admin group lacking “Add new rubric” button
  • Embedded content not displaying and files failing to download in downloaded ePortfolios
  • Problems attaching files to text in certain conditions
  • Module tools inaccessible or missing
  • Conversations “Send” button disappearing if too much text added to Conversations window
  • Problem with Conversations UI showing in published pages without logging in
  • Images broken in “Previous uploads”
  • Image crop tool missing in some systems
  • Broken ePortfolio when wrong file selected for subtitles
  • Previous upload being fetched unexpectedly when opening File manager
  • Conversations inaccessible
  • Video recording uploads stopping at 99%
  • Problem with Unsplash thumbnail search
  • Embed preview showing nothing
  • Course search breaking when results include multiple pages
  • Advanced course search throwing error when date-restricting results is attempted
  • Problem with deleting template from library when template is open
  • Problem preventing searching for individuals to add ePortfolio permissions for them
  • ePortfolio creation not working
  • Problem preventing admins from sharing templates with courses in which they are not enrolled as faculty
  • Timeline embed not working
  • Problem sharing ePortfolio with users in other systems
  • In templates set to “Private within [your school],” adding person to template not working correctly
  • Changes to template title/URL not saved when using “Add as Template”
  • LTI template sharing workflow issues
  • Roster-only courses not appearing in Share settings search
  • Images not showing in exported ePortfolios
  • Read/write access not working as expected for administrative groups
  • Add/remove admin user from Administration > Courses causing error
  • Template “View all” button taking to search instead of listing templates
  • Problem uploading multiple files into Prompt module
  • Library “Previous upload” panel missing
  • Library “Previous upload” panel not able to be closed
  • Gallery viewing options unavailable to mobile
  • Problems with .HEIC file photo orientation
  • Share settings not saving properly
  • Problems with Share panel permissions search in ePortfolios and templates
  • Conversations comments not appearing in submission review
  • Conversations unexpectedly archiving

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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