Standards and rubrics

Standards & Rubrics

Setting standards and rubrics in the system will allow instructors to assess the work of their students. As an Administrator, you have the ability the create and manage the standards and rubrics your instructors use.

When you have multiple Standards developed for a recurring course, you can group them together in a Standard Set to have them available in one area. You can manage your Standard Sets By clicking Standards & Rubrics, and then click Standard Sets (1). 

If you would like to create a new standard set, click the Add Standard Sets button (2). You can also search for existing sets by using the Standard Set search tool (3).


Standards are collections of Rubrics that can be applied to assignments. You can access the Standards tools by clicking Standards & Rubrics and then Standards (1). New standards can be created by clicking the Add Standard button (2).

Existing standards can be assessed through a report by clicking the Export CSV button (3).

The list of standards that get reported on can be filtered by selecting a standard set from the drop down menu (4). You can also display specific standards by searching for them by number or name from the Standard Search tool (5).

You can also select the Available checkbox (6) on the row of a Standard to toggle it being available for instructors to use.


Rubrics are a tool for instructors to apply to their students' work for a standardized assessment from student to student. You can access the rubric tools by clicking Standards & Rubrics and then Rubrics (1).

New Rubrics can be created by clicking the Add Rubric button (2) and existing rubrics can be searched for by using the Rubric Search tool (3).



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