Digication Kora Public Beta and Feature Update -- 3/31/23

Dear Digication Community,

We are incredibly excited to share the following news with you. On 4/14/2023, Digication Kora Courses will be available as a public beta for all systems. Thank you all for working with us over the last 6 months in private beta testing Digication Kora. We truly appreciate all your efforts and feedback!

On the same day, you will be getting an improved user experience when submitting ePortfolios. This improved user experience will apply to all versions of Digication. More information is provided below.

Digication Kora Course public beta available

On 4/14/2023, you will have the option to turn Kora on in your own system when you are ready.

The Digication Kora Courses dashboard

An ePortfolio page

Kora public beta feature highlight

  • Easily create prompts for students without building full ePortfolio templates
  • Students can use the intended templates in one click
  • Foolproof way for students to submit work to you
  • Assess and grade student work more efficiently
  • Increase opportunities for social pedagogy
  • ePortfolio editing functionalities are not affected by Kora

Options to use Kora public beta

Within the same system, you can have courses in classic or Kora. A given course must use one of the two versions, but not both at the same time. We will provide additional information on 4/14/2023 with detailed instructions to:

  • turn on Kora for selected users (great to test and conduct smaller pilots)
  • turn on Kora for the entire system

Overall timeline

  • 4/14/2023 - Public beta release
  • Fall, 2023 - Production release with the following additional features
    • Kora LMS integration - LTI 1.3
    • Upgraded CSV import for user, Kora course, and registration integration
    • Additional Kora based notifications
    • Gradebook
    • Administration tools for managing Kora courses
  • 9/1/2024
    • All new courses must be created in Kora. Existing classic courses will still be accessible.
  • Once the public beta is released, you will be able to begin implementing a transition plan that works best for your institution. You will have flexibility as you figure out what’s best for you and your team, with the transition deadline currently set for Fall 2024.

Kora specific support resources

A designated Kora specific section will be available in https://support.digication.com at the public beta launch. Over the coming weeks and months, additional content will be added including transition guides that cover most common use cases.

If you have any questions, or would like a personal tour of the latest features in Kora, please feel free to reach out. If you haven’t already, or would like to edit your upgrade plan for Kora survey, here is a link to do so: Upgrade Plan for Kora.

Improved ePortfolio submission user experience

In keeping with our commitment to providing a minimum of two weeks' notice of any changes to our user interface (UI), we want to let you know about a change to the ePortfolio submission user experience that will occur on 4/14/2023. This UI improvement is applicable to all users who are using the assignment feature. The general functionalities for submissions remain the same.

Students will see a new blue “submit” button

A Digication ePortfolio page, with the blue 'submit' button

Clicking on it will show the following submission options:

The 'Submit work' options

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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