Review feedback received through Conversations

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

  • Through Conversations, you can receive feedback from faculty members and peers.
  • You can reply to comments received and comment on work shared with you.

Review feedback

  • You may receive a notification when
    • You receive comments on your work.
    • A Conversation you have access to is updated.
  • You can click on the notification (1) to view the Conversation.


  • You can also open a work or submission and click “Conversations” (2 or 3).


A submission, with a numerical guide, 3, marking 'Conversations'

  1. Click on a Conversation (4).

The Conversations page, with a numerical guide, 4, marking conversations that can be clicked on

  1. Respond by entering comments and pressing ENTER (5).

The Conversations page, with a Conversation open; a numerical guide, 5, marks the space where a reply can be entered

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