Critical - Action Required for Single-Sign-On

Dear Digication Administrators,

UPDATE: We have completed the SAML-signing certificate update on our end. If your Digication system uses a SAML-based SSO, please retrieve the updated SAML signing certificate and update your SSO configuration.

This message is for Digication system administrators and IT teams with a Digication system that has a SAML based SSO integration. If you are not responsible for maintaining SSO integration, please contact a system administrator as soon as possible. 

Action is required in order for users with SAML-based SSO integration to continue logging in via SSO to Digication after June 29, 2023. 

A variety of SSO technologies are based on the SAML protocol. If in doubt, please check with your system administrator. 

Logins via Digication’s alumni/guest login, other non-SAML based SSO logins, and logins via an LMS integration will not be affected.

Digication uses a SAML signing certificate to ensure that SSO integration is secure. Each SAML signing certificate has an expiration date. Digication's SAML signing certificate is set to expire on July 22, 2023. We will be rolling over to a new SAML signing certificate on Thursday, June 29 at approximately 2pm ET.  The new certificate will be valid for three years.

Once we have completed the change to the new certificate, your SSO integration will stop working until you have also updated to the new signing certificate. Unfortunately, this has to be a coordinated effort as there is no way for you to make the update ahead of time. There is also no way for us to change the timing of the update, as it is a certificate that will impact all systems at Digication. We will notify you via email as soon as we have completed the certificate update on our end on Thursday, June 29 so you can update on your end.

On June 29, you will be able to update to the new signing certificate using our metadata. A certificate update typically occurs by importing the updated metadata using your school’s unique Digication metadata URL, or manually uploading the updated metadata to your SSO configuration. You may need to work with your school’s SSO administrators to complete this update. If your school maintains an SSO integration with a Digication sandbox system, you will need to make this update for your sandbox SSO integration as well. If your school’s SSO is impacted by this change, we will be sending you an email that contains your unique Digication metadata URL.

To help you prepare for this update, the new signing certificate is available now in your school’s unique Digication metadata URL. However, the new certificate will not work until we officially roll over on Thursday June 29. Please do not make this update until you have been notified on June 29. 

We will send additional reminders to schools using SAML-based SSO integration as the update date approaches.

We appreciate your help!

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