CSV Imports for Kora Courses Public Beta

Dear Digication Community, 

We are excited to announce that on August 4, 2023, our new CSV Imports for Kora Courses will be available as a public beta. Digication administrators will be able to batch create and update Kora Courses and Kora Course registration using CSV import files. Just as before, these CSV files can be imported manually using the administration UI or through automated uploads. 

The new import uses an improved file format that makes it easy to do common user management tasks such as user creation, user updates, and new user provisioning. 

The new CSV import must be used when your school moves to Kora. The deadline for moving to Kora is September 1, 2024. However, schools can opt to move to Kora immediately. 


Documentation for the new CSV imports for Kora


CSV Imports for Kora Public Beta Feature Highlight

  • CSV imports support user data, Kora Course data, and Kora Course registration data. 
  • Importing user, Kora course and Kora Course registration data helps you pre-populate Digication with users and courses before or during the semester. Upon login, users will see their enrolled courses on their dashboard.
  • If your school has an SSO and/or LMS integration with Digication, CSV imports can be used to create users with accurate account information for successful login via integrations. When auto-account creation is not enabled, CSV imports allow you to limit usage only to imported users.
  • Digication system administrators can manually import CSV files, or collaborate with your school’s IT department to schedule automated uploads. Contact support@digication.com for more information about automating CSV imports.


Options for using CSV Imports for Kora Public Beta

Within the same Digication system, you can have courses in classic or Kora. 

  • Administrators will use the classic CSV import format to create classic courses and enroll users. 
  • Administrators will use the new CSV import  to create and update Kora courses, and manage enrollment in Kora Courses.  
  • Even if you are still using classic courses, you can take advantage of the new CSV import to create and manage users.


To use the new CSV import, please contact support@digication.com.


Kind regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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