Assess submissions with outcomes and rubrics

Version: Kora Courses, September 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  • Select the assignment and click “Review Submissions” (1).

  • Click “Outcomes” (2).

  • Click “Toggle expanded view”(3) to minimize “Outcome” (4) Click it again to restore “Outcome” to full size (5).



Assess with existing outcomes and rubrics

  • Click on an outcome (6) to assess the submission as having fulfilled it.


  • Score associated rubrics by doing one or more of the following:
    • Entering scores for each row manually (9)
    • Licking rubric cells (10)
    • Clicking a column header (11) to enter that column’s score for all rows.
  • After clicking a column header, select either one of the options below.
    • Apply “column score” to all rows in this outcome (12). This option applies a specified "column score" to all rows within a specific outcome.
    • Apply “column score” to all rows in all the outcomes (13). This option applies a specified "column score" to all rows across all outcomes.


However, when using this option, the score applied may vary based on the maximum score allowed by each specific rubric. For example, while one rubric may receive a score of four, another rubric with a maximum score of three will retain a score of three.

    • Apply “column score” to all rows in all the outcomes that have not been assessed (14). This option assigns a specified "column score" to rows in outcomes that have not yet been evaluated. As a result, it applies the score to all rows within unassessed outcomes or those that have not yet received a score. Rows within already assessed outcomes will retain their existing scores.



  • Click “Add comment” (15) to provide additional feedback.
  • Click “Toggle rubric view” (16) to expand/collapse rubrics.


Add outcomes and rubrics during an assessment

  • Outcomes and associated rubrics can be added during assessment by clicking “Add outcome” (1).



    • Outcomes added during the assessment are associated only with the individual submission to which they are added. To add outcomes to assignments, please see Add or edit outcomes and Working with rubrics.

  • For more information about outcome-based assessment, please see "What is outcome assessment".
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