Review, adopt, or delete student-added Outcomes

Version: Kora Courses, September 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

Review Outcomes created by students

  • Select an assignment (1) and click “Review Submissions” (2).

  • Click “Outcomes” (3)

  • Click the current profile (4) and select a student (5).

  • Move through submissions to see the selected student’s assessments.
  • Outcomes created by students have a purple dotted outline (6).


Adopt or delete Outcomes created by students

  • Select an assignment (7).
  • Click “Assignment actions” (8), then click “Edit” (9).

  • In the “Assessment” section, click “Add Outcome” (10)

  • Hover over the outcome to be adopted or deleted and click “[font awesome “i” graphic]” (11).
  • Click “Edit” (12).

Adopt Outcome

  • You might choose to adopt a student-added outcome at the course level for a variety of reasons, including
    • Your desire to make it an official part of the submission’s assessment, to honor the submitter’s creativity and initiative.
    • Its potential applicability to other students completing the assignment, or to other assignments or submissions in the course.
    • Your desire to prevent its creator from changing it. Once you have adopted an outcome at the course level, the student will no longer be able to change it.
  • To adopt the outcome, toggle on “Adopt at the course [tooltip: ‘course’ refers to courses and groups] level” (13)
  • Click “Save” (14).

  • Click “Done” (15)

  • Click “Save" (16)



Once adopted at the course level, student-added outcomes can no longer be edited by the student who created them.

Delete Outcome

  • You might decide to delete a student-added outcome when that outcome is not applicable to the submission.
  • Delete the outcome by following the instructions in the “Delete outcomes” section of the “Remove or delete outcomes” article.
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