Digication Development Update - 10/31/2023

Dear Digication Community,

We’re so proud of the overwhelmingly positive response from our community during the public beta release of Kora Courses! We’ve deeply appreciated the feedback we’ve received from our early adopters and in recent months our team has been hard at work resolving bugs and making improvements. 

Digication Development Updates

Here’s a breakdown of issues that have been addressed:


  • Submission review panel: Change in wording for Submission Status dropdown menu option from “Not submitted” to “Past due”.
  • Conversations “viewable by” list was not showing all users.
  • Conversations Send button obscured in some use cases.
  • Removed duplicate buttons in the grade settings area.
  • Removed default title when sending message to students.
  • Updated prompt to choose a Kora or Classic course when manually creating a course to include a link to Faculty help resources for Kora Courses.
  • Course creation: eliminated length restriction for course description text and removed associated help text.
  • Assignment creation: Clear formatting tool not clearing alignment setting.
  • Grade weight logic: Clarify in interface that Digication uses Absolute weight.
  • Imported rubrics from Classic were missing their description text.
  • Update to naming convention for work created from prompts.
  • Date changes not saved when choosing course start date.
  • Visual focus indicator improved for toggle-off position for tools with toggle control.
  • Unexpected change in text box width when composing messages to students.


  • Imported courses’ start and end dates were not reflecting the organization’s time zone correctly.
  • Deleting a user that had submitted work resulted in errors.
  • Display glitch when manually changing and saving course start or end date.
  • Font styling within the Assignment hamburger menu was incorrect.
  • Update to timing for automated emails for newly-created accounts.
  • Implemented minimum width for Grade settings columns.
  • Added view-only mode for Grade settings.
  • Send button becoming unresponsive when composing multi-paragraph messages.
  • Import creating duplicate groups instead of adding users to an existing group.


  • Update to pagination strategy for Assignment list.
  • Clarify process to select or deselect all pages during an assignment submission.
  • Allow for account creation notification without an included login button.
  • Update to formatting for student-added outcomes.
  • Resolved an issue within courses where manually-added Faculty had their role changed to Student.
  • Correction to the logic for selecting the associated assignment when submitting work.
  • Allowing scores to be applied to multiple rubrics by clicking on a rubric column.
  • Corrections to text on the notification email template for newly-created accounts.
  • Outcomes interface text update to make deletion language consistent.
  • Update to submission interface assistive label text for “Remove submission” button.
  • Update to assistive label text for course thumbnail “Course information” button.
  • Correction to the column spacing for Kora .csv import log items.
  • Adjust import log table and tooltip to better accommodate file names.
  • Resolved a bad link in the import upload interface.
  • Correction to numbering for Kora .csv imports with only one row.
  • Correction to numbering for Kora .csv imports with more than 20 rows.
  • Correction to the backgrounds of Library, Organizer, Create and Copy ePortfolio interfaces to make them consistent with other interfaces.
  • Correction to trim blank spaces and validate email addresses from import summary notification list.
  • Adjustment to rubric grid interface styling.
  • Accessibility update: When removing a user from a conversation, the X button following the username was not accessible by keyboard.
  • Accessibility update: Outcomes without rubrics were not being announced correctly.


  • LMS integration production release launch with grade and roster syncing features.
  • Change when Adding Work to an assignment to allow a user to close the Adding Work window without being redirected to the new work automatically.
  • Corrected an import validation error which allowed duplicated column labels.
  • Change to the logic in courses and groups to allow faculty to change their role and function as a “student” in a course only if there are other faculty in the course.
  • Update to conversations feature's default permissions to include both the submitter and faculty group in courses.
  • Corrected a bug that was removing template thumbnail images when the template’s settings were updated.
  • Resolved an error with displaying rubric tables correctly in the Kora administration.
  • Added the ability to export course and group rosters.
  • Adjusted the People interface in courses and groups to truncate text that is too long to fit the space and make it available for viewing as a tool tip.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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