What is Digication Kora courses?

Version: Kora Courses, January 2024 or later
Permissions required: Students

  • Digication is a learning platform where you create and share work for Courses, co-curricular activities, and more!
  • Using the platform’s latest features, Digication Kora Courses, you can easily add yourself to Courses created by instructors and school administrators.
  • In Digication Kora Courses, your instructors create assignments for you to complete. In your dashboard, your assignments will be listed by the due date so you’ll never miss an important deadline.
  • Assignments may have templates or prompts for you to follow, or you can start your work from scratch.
  • Instructors may assign different types of work in Digication Kora Courses, like ePortfolios, Research, Group Projects, Field Notes, Journals, Digital Stories, Reflective Writing, and more. 
  • It's easy to create work in Digication. You can choose to keep it private or to share it with instructors, peers, or others. Soon you will see how much you are learning in and outside of the classroom. 
  • You’re not limited to creating work for assignments. You can use Digication to create work independently from courses anytime. 
  • Let your creativity and personality shine through as you create with text and multimedia such as images, videos, and audio recordings. You have unlimited storage for all your important files and uploads.
  • Do you have work shared on other platforms you would like to display alongside your work in Digication? Use our embed tools and share your YouTube Videos, Instagram photos, and Soundcloud playlists - you get the idea!
  • Add new pages, sections, and modules with ease to customize the design and layout. 
  • Once you complete your work for an assignment, you can submit it to your instructor for review. Your instructor can give you written feedback and grade and assess your work. Peers may also be able to review your work and give you feedback or assessments using rubrics. And in turn, you may give them feedback and assessments as well. 
  • In Digication Kora Courses, assessments you receive on your work are all connected to Learning Outcomes. Outcomes are created by school administrators, instructors, and sometimes your peers, to recognize your skills.
  • In Digication Kora Courses, you can access all your assessments and work even after the course is over. You can repurpose and display work in Digication in different ways! Work can be easily reorganized and integrated into future projects, presentations or even shared as a website with other people like your friends, family, or potential employers.
  • Digication provides access to alumni as well so you can continue creating and sharing your work after graduation.
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